Sunday, March 11, 2012

Who Am I?

Who am I? This is a recent question I have asked myself. As I was laying in bed last night I realized I am not defined by one certain thing or characteristic. I even turned and asked my husband who he thought I was. How did he define me? To my surprise he was speechless and had no direct answer. I thought for sure if anyone knew me it would be him.  This man usually has an answer to everything whether he is right or wrong. His most brilliant answer to the question I posed was that I was a Chameleon and was adaptable to everything. 

I'm no so sure I like that answer or like that aspect about myself. I am a country girl but I can also be city like, I like to wear make-up, do my nails and hair but I like to wear my jeans and t-shirts. I love all kinds of music from Tool to Hank Williams Jr., I like big trucks and muddin' but I like the low riders and bikes. So I guess I should embrace who I am which seems to be a mixture of colors in a bucket. I'm not just the pink crayon in the box I am all the crayons. Gosh, I still don't know what to think about it. 

How many of you actually have asked yourself or someone else this same question? What kind of answers have you came up with? Are you with me and struggling to find your identity? I am 30 years old and will be 31 Tuesday, one would think I would "know who I am" by now. I think my biggest issue is who I want to be is not who I am. I need to do some soul searching. 

In the meantime I will be reading this article