Monday, January 30, 2012

Immunizations linked to Autism??

Are Vaccines Causing Autism In Our Children?

Every now and then I like to research certain topics and this one came to me by a conversation that I was having with a friend. This was also discussed while I was attending classes for Medical Assisting but since it got brought up again I decided to do some research (I love research) and share it with my readers. 

What started the whole controversy was a paper written by a British Gastroenterologist  Andrew Wakefield M.D. and his colleagues that suggested the MMR vaccine might cause symptoms associated with autism. This paper was published and made very well public. Thousands of parents refused to vaccinate their children resulting in 100's of hospitalizations and several deaths from the measles. At the beginning of last century 161,100 children died before their fifth birthday. 

Since the publication of this paper there have been many studies investigating the link between autism and vaccines. The results show no link. Also keep in mind this paper has been RETRACTED! People will still question and always wonder about what causes autism so therefore the vaccine hypothesis stays. The choice not to vaccinate your child will in no sense lesson the risk of autism. When delaying vaccines you leave your child unprotected when they are the most vulnerable. Before you decided whether or not to vaccinate your child do the research and know your making the right decisions. As for my kids and myself, they will be vaccinated. I will take the chance (if any) of my child having autism over death from a disease in which I could have prevented by choosing to vaccinate my child. 


Some sites to check out if your researching the topic

Monday, January 16, 2012

Eczema--Not So Simple(useful tips?)

This is a continuation from my previous post on some ways to help control an eczema flare up. Some of these will not work for everyone but in my sons case it has seemed to somewhat help. I do have a long ways to go in finding out other methods and experimenting with things. If any of my readers would like to offer any suggestions I am most definitely up to trying them out if I have not already. So no holding back on the comments! 

First thing we learned is that we were doing everything WRONG! Warm baths, baby lotion, baby oil, dreft for laundry and even keeping the room warm. Who knew?? Not us and unfortunately our little boy got the butt end of it. 

1. First thing we did was get rid of the Dreft and switched to All free and clear. Nothing with dyes or smells and not only did we switch to washing Logan's clothes but everyone in the families laundry with this product. 
Another laundry switch was the dryer sheets. This was just as important as the detergent. We chose Bounce free and sensitive. 
And we always! always! use the second rinse cycle during the wash.

2. Instead of warm baths we were told to use luke warm baths. The heat from the water can cause a flare up. This is the crazy part, we were told NO SOAP or SHAMPOO unless it was absolutely needed. If it was needed then use it only on that certain spot. Do not rub the child dry but pat, or you can choose not to dry them off at all (which is what I do). 

3. In Logan's case, forget the baby lotions and baby oils and even all the Aveeno products..I use straight up mineral oil! When I get him out of his bath and lay him on the towel I apply the mineral oil while he is still wet. Seems to work well for us. I even have to use it on his head. His head will even flare up with eczema..He has scabs all on his scalp. 

4. The next product that has worked well for us when he has a flare up or even a small one, I use it a lot really is Cortizone 10--eczema healing lotion. I apply this 2 to 3 times a day.

These are just some products we use that works for Logan or at least keeps it a little bit more under control than what it could be. The next few things we plan on looking into is a cool humidifier for his room. This is for the purpose of keeping moisture in the air. We try to keep the rooms in the house as cool as possible because heat can and will cause a flare up. This may not be a serious condition but it is a pain in the butt condition to have to deal with. Logan has his good days and his bad days. Hopefully with time he will grow out of it. According to our doctors we may never know what causes the flare ups entirely (could be allergy to something such as clothing, dander, dust, food, etc..). The only thing we can do is eliminate the causes one by one and try to keep him comfortable and the flare ups under control. 

I apply mineral oil in the morning, the cortizone 10 at lunch and then before bed I apply both..If he has a horrible flare up I will use his prescription cream in his worse spots and only on occasions we have to use his oral steroids.  It is a constant battle to keep his skin moisturized and him comfortable. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eczema...Not So Simple

What is eczema? The definition says--An acute or chronic non-contagious inflammation of the skin often caused by allergy and characterized by itching, scaling and blistering.

Melissa's definition-- A big pain in the butt to have to deal with, heartbreaking experience to watch your child go through, irritating, horrible skin condition that causes crazy itchiness to no avail!

My little Logan was finally diagnosed with eczema after many conversations and visits to pediatricians. He had it from the day he was born. At his first check up I addressed the issue and was told it was baby acne which would clear up on its own. I searched and searched on-line and honestly thought the doctor was wrong. 

The eczema started spreading and getting worse, this prompted another visit to his pediatrician..This time I was told it was a severe form of cradle cap that had spread down to his face and that baby acne was not the answer. I tried to bring up the fact that I thought it was eczema but the doctor was sure he was correct. I was instructed to use selsun blue on his head and the rough patches on his skin and within just a few baths it should improve and his skin should start to clear up.

I will admit Logan did present similarities in this condition but  I just knew that was not it. I followed the doctor's instructions with the selsun blue, baby oil, combing off any flaking, and lotions. His condition did clear up a little bit but not even a month later my poor baby swelled up huge, the rash got worse and I decided to do the same regimen that the doctor had told me to do. For days my boy was miserable and could barely sleep without crying every hour. His head started to pop up blisters and they would ooze. I decided to take him to the emergency room because I just could not handle seeing my baby go through this. 
Right when he started swelling up and I oiled him down with baby oil                                                        

A nap Logan was finally able to take, but as long as I was holding him
After I consulted with the doctor at the ER he confirmed to me that Logan did in fact have eczema! I knew it all along and my son has suffered through this horrible condition. Now hopefully we can find some relief. The doctor prescribed oral steroids for him. I also found out I had been doing everything wrong to try to find Logan some relief! After a two days on the oral steroids and me stopping all lotions and baby oils I had a happy smiling baby boy. 
Two days after treatment with oral steroids
I made a follow up appointment with Logan's pediatrician and he prescribed me some better hydro-cortisone cream for flare ups. Now the battle begins on trying to figure out what causes his flare ups and how to keep them under control. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Daughter is Making Me Old!

"They laid you in my arms all tiny & new
Then God whispered in my ear
I have someone special for you"

(Little Gabby)

January 11, 1998 at 7:35 a.m. Gabrielle Paige was brought into this world! Weighing 6lbs 13oz and 21 inches long. A day I will never forget and a lifetime of memories along the way. I was a mere sixteen years old when she came into my life. I was young and fragile but ready for anything to make sure my beautiful daughter had the best life possible. Yes it has been a challenge, I have had many throughout these years but I would not give up my daughter for anyone or anything! She has made me laugh, smile, cry, think and also help me remember what being in love truly is. 

She even joined me in my senior pictures! Gabby was always a happy and a joyful baby to be around. She became more and more beautiful each day and taught me new things along the way.

She has been a delightful little girl and such a great kid. I got very luck with this one

Gabby in Kindergarten

                She Loves to Fish! And
                Usually out fishes us all.

Makes us laugh

         She Grows up
         Her first dance

Now we enter the teenage

Happy Birthday to my beautiful 14 year old young Lady!!  The older you get the older I get.