Friday, January 31, 2014

Random 5 Friday

This is my first time participating in the Random 5 Friday. Here is where I am supposed to name 5 random facts about me, my week, my pets or whatever I feel like. 

1. I will be glad when these pups go to their homes. 
I love the boogers but they are so much work!! I can not explain how much I hate to clean up puppy poo and to have it coming from five! Yeah enough is enough. They are 6 weeks old and ready to go. I had full intentions on keeping them for the full 8 weeks but with my sons home therapy starting it would be a bit much. 

2. I am actually blogging when I should be getting some other projects done. Two of these beautiful pups are leaving to go to their new homes tonight. I had an idea of creating gift bags for each new owner for the puppy. I have a few more things left to do and I will have it done. I just need to do it. 

3. My son has been home all week. I wanted to give him time to build his immune system up from being sick with pneumonia and the flu. He will return either Monday or Tuesday. I am sure he will be happy to get back to his routine. 

4. I have made a deal with myself. Well kind of. I really do not get anything in return. One of my most hated chores is laundry. Everyday I am doing loads and loads and some days I skip which then it backs up. I have made myself do at least 2 loads of laundry a day. Surprisingly I have kept up with this for a whole week now and its not so bad anymore. Maybe I can keep it up!

5. I am so ready to get our tax returns back! I am not a very patient person. After paying bills I am almost positive that I will be investing some money into a new camera. I love to take pictures but I am so dis-satisfied with the camera I have. I am not a fan of the Nikon and its old and outdated. Its time for an upgrade. I think I will be going with a Canon t3i. I am just not sure yet. I have a hard time thinking that I will drop $600+ on one item. 

So there it is. My random 5. Not very exciting I am afraid. Who knows it may be more exciting next week. You will Have to come back and see. In the meantime feel free to follow me via GFC, Bloglovin or my FB page which you can find in the side bar. Leave a comment and let me know how you followed and I will return the follow back! I hope you enjoy! 


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Favorite Things

This is not just one certain favorite object but something that was accomplished this week and it is my favorite thing! 

At almost 3 years old (less than a month) Logan has finally mastered drinking from a straw. As most of you know my son has moderate to severe autism. This is huge and something that most parents of normal children would take for granted and not make a fuss over it. My son is different and has taught me to not take the small things for granted and to celebrate each and every milestone, whether it be small or big! 
Way to go Logan, now is the time for us to go buy you some new sippy cups!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Watch The Symptoms

Last week I wrote a blog about fever. You can read it HERE. My son had been running a fever all day and then into the night. I know not to fear the fever because it does serve a purpose. It is fighting off an infection of some sort. I paid attention to my sons symptoms. I know it usually is not normal to run a fever with just a cold. I chose to take my sweet heart to the ER with symptoms of fever, runny nose, and cough. He was diagnosed with pharyngitis. I followed up with his PCP the next day and he was diagnosed with ear infections. Its all connected. Throat and the ears all upper respiratory stuff. He got a shot of rocephin and sent home with antibiotics.
Thursday rolls around and he is still running a fever along with all these symptoms, runny nose, coughing, congestion in the chest and vomiting. I call the doctor and ask for advice. I was told then that just because his flu test came back negative did not mean a thing. I needed to pay attention to the symptoms. If he was running a fever an Friday he needed to be re-checked. Yes he was still running this awful fever and had all those symptoms. Since his PCP was out Friday I took him back to the Emergency Room. The doctor on call could not understand why I brought him back since he had been give a shot Tuesday night and sent home with antibiotics. I knew my baby did not feel well and was not getting better. The doctor was rude and well I started getting rude back and insisted on a chest x-ray to be done! She did not think it was necessary because it was clear on Tuesday night. Guess what? He had pneumonia! On top of that she guessed he had the flu as well. We could have had him admitted to the hospital but chose to wait it out. They gave him an adult dose of recephin right in the hip. My poor baby!! I did not want him to be poked and prodded unnecessarily to be admitted into the hospital. He had already been through enough in my opinion. 
We all go home for the night. If he was not better after that huge dose of antibiotics I would have him admitted. The next morning Logan was feeling much much better!! He is not 100% but he is better than he was. It was nice to see my baby smile again. I had missed it for a week. Not to mention he was eating again!
My point of this is Parents if you feel your child needs more tests insist on it. You are the parent and you know your child better than anyone else and most times the doctors! Pay attention to the symptoms!! Always pay attention to the symptoms. Hopefully my son is on the mend. Even though he is fever free I am keeping him out of school for another week to give his immune system time to heal. He has to deal with enough already. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Soliciting The Bill Collector

Yes I have bill collectors, quit a few of them in fact! 
Oh its all part of life right, especially with student loans. Agh! A dregree I have that I can not do anything with that cost me $25,000!!
So today I get a form called a forbearance, I decided to complete it and on top of that solicit them for business.  
I am an independent representative for Jewelry In Candles and of course I am no sales person. Along with sending them my forbearance form I sent them my business cards. 

Think it will work?? 

If you can finish out my ss number good luck on getting anything! In fact you might make my credit better so please feel free to try ;-) 

Also if you feel sorry enough for me and want to contribute to helping me pay for some student loans you can purchase from me too. Here is my link to my store! Go get you some great smelling candles and some jewelry in them!!!
Melissa's Wonderful Candle Store

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pesky Pet Hair

It is no secret that dog hair makes up part of our wardrobe and furniture! 
 We are proud owners of a white Siberian husky and an all white chihuahua and currently at this moment 5 little husky puppies (4 weeks old) 
Dog hair is everywhere! I sweep everyday and swear I find another puppy every time. Today was one of those days where the hair just got on my last nerve and my OCD kicked it. I had to get rid of it off of our furniture. Even if it only lasts a day...
Supplies needed:
1. Rubber Gloves
2. Static Guard

3. A vacuum or lint roller
I had neither of these but I can manage

Here is the couch before
Yuk that white hair is everywhere!!

So here is what you do, spray the static guard on the cushions and let it is sit for maybe a minute. Now you if you have a vacuum you can just vacuum it right up but of course mine died. Put on your rubber gloves and start rubbing your couch down in circles or straight lines just whatever works for you. Now you can vacuum up the hair that you pile up or just grab with the gloves like I did and here is what you come up with.
Yuk huh? Now look at my couch after
How cool is this?? 

This is so easy and fast to do and no dog hair!! Now go get to rubbing down your furniture to have it pet hair free for a couple of hours!! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Do Not Fear The Fever

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What a whirl wind of a week let alone just this one day alone! I have had a sick baby on my hands for awhile now. Logan had been sick since about Thanksgiving. I was told it was viral and to just do home remedies. Every time he seemed to start getting better he would end up sick again. He has never really gotten over it. 

Over Christmas break him and I were both sick. The entire Christmas vacation. He got better enough to return to school. He went maybe a week and this week it hit him hard. Fever to 104, vomiting, runny nose and coughing. I woke up around midnight and rushed him to the ER! Fever can be scary. They did a flu test, strep test and RSV all came back negative so the doctor wrote it off with a throat infection. 

Needless to say I followed up with his regular PCP the very next day and he said an ear infection. I believe that was his diagnoses. He said one of his tubes was blocked and the other just laying there, ready to fall out. As I am leaving there I call his ENT and made an appointment to have his tubes looked at. That will be February 3rd. As of today he still had a runny nose, cough and a low grade fever! 

In my late night being awake and worried about my son I found my self doing research on toddler with fevers and what to do to control it. You would think this was my first go round. I found some stuff I had no clue about. I thought I would share some of it with other parents out there who may possibly be reading my blog. 

Do you remember being sick with a fever and your mother would bundle you up and make you sweat it out? Yes! Do not do this!! I repeat do not do this. Sweating can lead to shivering once you cool down, and once you start to shiver it brings your body temperature back up therefore bringing back the fever. Sweating it out does not help. Put your child in light weight clothing. If they happen to get the chills give them a light blanket. Nothing to heavy. 

Another old school remedy I recently heard about from a friends on facebook was to put alcohol in the bath water or an alcohol rub. This is not a good idea either, here is why. This can poison your child. It can cause intoxication, seizures or even coma. Stay clear of this method!!

If you must use a bath make sure it is lukewarm water! Never use cold water for this will cause shivering and cause the fever to get higher. Never submerge you child but rather sponge if you need to. There is no proven evidence if this really does help but if you it relaxes you or your child feel free to utilize this but always make sure the water is the right temperature.  

Make sure to keep your child hydrated. Fever causes dehydration. Do not be alarmed if your child refuses to eat. This is normal. 

If you child runs a fever longer than three days talk to your doctor. Also if there are other symptoms present. It is not necessary to treat a fever unless it gets above 103* or of course if your child is uncomfortable. 

Here is another thing I read on multiple sights.. I had my alarm set every four hours so I could continue to wake my son up and give him medicine to keep the fever at bay. Well I read not to! Never wake a child up to give them medicine. Sleep is what they need. Since a fever is just a symptoms and generally does not hurt the child let them sleep. 
Once again though if your like me and an overbearing and protective parent you might still get up and check the fever to make sure its not over 103. Put yourself at ease and do not fear the fever. 
Check out the articles below and read and research for yourself. 

Let the fever do its job! Fever is fighting the infection. Treat it only if necessary.