Friday, February 14, 2014

Putting Together Valentines Day Cards

Who would have thought putting together Valentines Cards for my sons party today at school was not an easy task. Who would have thought it would take a genius to do this simple thing from when I was a kid? First off this box said it contained 38 tattoos. There were none in the box but stickers. I guess that is what they are considering "tattoos". Then you are supposed to put them in a slot in which they do not fit in so I just had to do it my own way. Anyways they got done and I hope he enjoyed his little party at school! Happy Valentines Day to Everyone out there in the Blogging world. 

He was interested for a second then we got bored and did his own thing while I finished up 

They sure don't give you enough room to write their names. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sometimes It Hits Me Hard

Logans in home therapy started yesterday. I know my son has autism and have known ever since he was small. It does not matter how much I am at terms with this it still hurts at times. 

I had a perfect pregnancy and tons of dreams for my son. He was born perfect with no complications and I was a glowing mom. I longed for him for so long. I never really thought of him having autism. I just thought he was delayed because he was home with me and not around other kids. 

He was given the preliminary diagnosis at 18 months of age and officially diagnosed June 19th 2013 with moderate to severe autism. I knew this so it was not any sort of blow really. There are days when I do have a hard time with the diagnosis. For example, yesterday, the therapists were working with Logan with objects. She would hold one toy in each hand and have him choose which one he wanted. I seen Logan do this for the first time. My boyfriend has said he does it often but I have never noticed or it did not stick out in my head but it did yesterday. If he did not want either one of the choices he would rock back and forth and hum staring into space. Yes it hit me! My son is not normal. 

In my self pity party I was having late last night I ran across some videos on youtube that are worth sharing and passing along to others. I hope you watch them and they help you understand what autism spectrum disorder is. 

My Autism and Me! 

Make me Normal. This one kind of jerked at my tear producers

10 things every autistic child wish you knew

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Oh it has been forever since I participated in this hop! Check it out if you wish 

This weeks Prompts

1. Looking Up
2. Light
3. Favorite Mobile Device
4. Outside
5. Inside

  Looking up! Our pup looking up at the camera. Love his blue eyes

My daughter Gabby, I love how the light is shining in her hair

Our Favorite Mobile device is Logans Nabi Jr. It keeps him occupied anywhere and everywhere we go. 

Outside. I do not think this needs a description 

Logans in home therapy started today! (Inside)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Lovin' The Weekend Blog Hop (I am a Featured Guest Host)

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Random 5 Friday!! 02-07-2014

I have seen everyone posting all week about snow and winter weather! As well as myself. Yesterdays  about favorite things happened to be about snow. I should change it up a bit and be different so no snow post today! I like the idea of Random 5 Friday because I can post whatever random 5 things I want so I will just go with whatever I am thinking of at the moment. This sometimes could be dangerous so read with caution :-)

1. Shopping!! Yes I got some of my tax return so its time for shopping. Of course after paying the dreaded bills. I did a little shopping last night. I can not get over how high some things are! Two under Armour shirts for my old man was $100!! This is just crazy. But he insists he needs them for work. 

2. Valentines is coming up and my most favorite thing about this holiday is?? Can you guess??
Oh its the chocolate! I love love LOVE chocolate so in the midst of my shopping trip last night this is something else I got. My old man likes to say he got it for me but when I am the one who says I want it, I pick it out, I got it myself! Anyone in agreeance?
Oh yes I have 3 boxes!!

3. This year I have told myself it will be the year of organization! I am tired of clutter and unnecessary crap laying around the house. Last night I took my first step in the organization process. I purchased a bin for Logans room to organize all his toys instead of having then all stuffed in a lug!
I am excited about getting started!!

4. How in the world did I get sucked into these dang soap operas? We even got dish this week and I am still stuck on these local channels to watch the soaps! Curse you Young and the Restless, Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital!! Curse you some more. They are so ridiculous but I can not help but keep watching!! I need help!! I need to know if Adam is alive after the car crash which in the end seemed to have blown up but at the end of this episode it showed a bloody hand in the snow?? Ugh what is going to happen now? Then you got The Bold and Beautiful and I have grown to really hate Wyatt and his stupid tactics to get to Hope! No one does those things. Lets shower a girl constantly with Jewelry and surprise road trips? Come on! Real people have lives, bills and jobs to where they can not do that. General Hospital is about to wear on my last nerve with the whole Carly saga. How long can she be held hostage? It is just getting annoying but yet I can not stop watching these stupid shows!

5. I will be so happy when my "old man" as I have been referring to him as, gets home! I miss him every second he is gone. I love his smile, his eyes and his crazy goofy laugh! Most of all I love the way he treats my son. A son that is not his but treats him like he is every bit of his.  After he gets here we just might continue our shopping saga! More steps to organization to be completed?? Oh I hope so!! 
The man of my dreams with my beautiful son

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop

My favorite thing this week has not been the weather until today!! We finally have some snow. 

Link up here

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday 2-5-14

It is always Ice here! I want snow!! This storm here, brought power outages.