Early Signs of Autism--What To Look For

Learning the signs of Autism: Have you felt something was wrong? Just a deep down gut feeling? I know I never really did and just thought my son Logan was slow developing due to the fact he had no other siblings that were close to his age and he did not attend any daycares but stayed home with me. It was my mother that pointed one symptom of autism out that got me researching. If you have ever had that feeling here are some things to look for.

Little to no eye contact
Lack of babbling
Makes very few gestures such as pointing
Plays with toys inappropriately (turning cars upside down to turn wheels only)
No words by 16 months old
Does not smile when smiled at
Does not respond to his or her name or a familiar voice
Does not respond to cuddling
Does not imitate movements or sounds
Does not play with other people
Does not seek your attention
Unusual body movement such as flapping arms
Some other things that were apparent in my son Logan was he was behind on walking, crawling and sitting up. He has still yet to talk and he is 3.5 years old. 
The above list will not specifically define your child. My son did not exhibit a lot of these behaviors. Only a few. 

There are many resources available online to research the symptoms of early autism. If you feel your child may have autism please do speak with your pediatrician. The key is early intervention

Early Signs of Autism

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  1. Great post! My friends son has recently been diagnosed with autism and I'm sure she would find this very helpful :) xx


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