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Just riding this crazy train we call life and not so sure which way I am going. Eventually I am sure I will figure it out. Until then I will just endure the ride. I blog about everything and do not focus on just one subject. I like variety so I figured others would too. I join in many linkys and blog hops throughout the week. I write some reviews but not to many. 
I have had many marriage troubles, I am not lucky in the relationship department I guess you could say. I have been married three times unsuccessfully. I am living with my current significant other but we have no intentions on getting married on paper. 
I have three children from previous marriages. 16 year old Gabby, 11 year old Kiya and my 3 year old autistic son Logan. 
My S.O. has three children of his own, 15 year old Sean, 13 year old Alex and 11 year old Cory. 
Yes it can be hectic at times but the only two that live with us is my Logan and his Sean. Otherwise I would probably be in a nut house. 


  1. I love all of these pics. What a beautiful and fun family!

  2. I love all your pictures! I too am married for the 3rd time and believe that I have finally found my soulmate. I also have 4 kids, my older 2 are from my second marriage, and my younger two are with my husband. I found your blog through the Moms Blog Monday blog Hop, I'm your newest follower via GFC

    Lovin Life

    1. Great! Thank you for following and of course I will return the favor. Sounds like we may just have a lot in common. Nice to meet you :-)

  3. You photography is breath-taking. Thanks for your candid spirit...so rare of a find on here. I found you on the GFC linkup and look forward to following and getting some photography inspiration from you!

  4. Love your pictures! Thanks SO much for sharing your true story! You have a beautiful family here Melissa and I'm glad that you've found your soul mate! :)

    xoxo ♥ -Shar

  5. Your family looks lovely, and yes, things do happen in life. Life is like a school I think, and our goal is to learn from all of our experiences. Looks as if you are doing that and progressing alot from where you started! Lovely blog

  6. Relationships are tough. I love your candid spirit, as another blogger said, but I also see love shining in the eyes of the children and people you photograph. Perhaps everything in life didn't go as you would have chosen but I have a feeling you're getting the important "stuff" right.

  7. Now THAT's a well blended family! :) Thanks for visiting my blog the other day! I'm looking forward to reading your recent posts!


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