Friday, August 29, 2014

School Events and Meltdowns

School events have started for this school year. Last night was the kick off pep rally! Mr. Sexy and I are going to do our best to be "good parents" and go to each event we can. Even though neither of the boys are in sports, the oldest boy (Sean) plays in the high school band. In my opinion he should be in football. He definitely has the build but oh well. I can not mold him the way I want him. The even started out well. 

After about 20 minutes of us sitting in the bleachers waiting, Logan started getting loud. He had his ipad and was playing a game that is very stimulating to him. He gets excited, starts jumping up and down, flapping and yelling as loud as he can. People began to gawk. Granted we were outside and everyone was talking but Logan seemed to get several octaves above everyone else. So we took his game away in hopes of quieting him down a bit. WRONG!! This led to meltdown mode. A gruesome 20 minutes of flailing, screaming, hyperventilating and a down pour in sweat. Mr. Sexy had him the first 15 minutes or so and then I took over for the rest of the event. Every time we go closer to the crowd he would scream. Logan and I just hung out on the side until the pep rally was over. We have made the decision to not take his game with us anywhere we go and try to find something less stimulating.
Mr. Sexy was able to get a few pictures while i was comforting Logan. I was also able to capture the football team before I took over. 

Sean on the trombone

While sitting out of the crowd and somewhat by myself other than Logan I noticed a beautiful sunset. You can kind of see the pink behind Sean here but I got the following shots with my phone. Mr. Sexy had my fancy camera. 

A Calming sight to mark an ending to a horrific meltdown!

Here is to a school year full of events and meltdowns! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Version of Smores Pie

Here lately I have been having a huge craving for smores. I have no idea why, I have never had one so I had no idea whether I like them or not. 
(no, not pregnant)

We were out grocery shopping and thought why not try them? One thing though, I did not want to mess with a campfire. After all it is summer and hot hot hot outside so why in the world would I want to sit at a fire to try something that I am not sure I will even like? 

1 graham cracker crust
1 pkg of hersheys chocolate chips
1 pkg of marshmallows

pour half the pkg of chocolate chips on the crust, dump the desired amount of marshmallows on top. I put the oven on 300 degrees and let the marshmallows brown and melt. 

I let it cook just a little bit before cutting it. It will come out of the pan just like a piece of pie. You definitely want to eat this while it is warm. The chocolate will harden and the marshmallows will not be gooey. 

The verdict? I liked it, I will use less chocolate next time but this was a good dessert. It satisfied my sweet tooth! The boys liked it at as well so we will make it again. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

National Dog Day--Zuri

“I founded National Dog Day in 2004 to honor dogs, to give them ‘a day,’ to show our deep appreciation for the historical connection of companionship with one another – for their endearing patience, unquestioning loyalty, for their work protecting our streets, homes and families as Police K-9’s, Military Working Dogs, Guide Dogs and Therapy Dogs,”  (Colleen Paige)

So in celebration of this day I introduce you to Zuri. I am sure if your a follower you have seen pictures of her throughout my blog. We got her October of 2012. She belonged to our neighbors. They decided to go on a weekend trip and just threw her outside to fend for herself. She kept crossing a busy highway to get to our house so we just kept her for the weekend until they returned. We left a note on their door telling them we had her. They returned and hours passed and they did not come to get her. I sent one of the kids over to let them know and they took her and put her in a kennel she was to big for that was soaked with urine and feces and put that kennel with her in it, in a shed outside. She was crying. One of my other kids talked them into letting us just keep her. She has been a joy to our family and would be lost without her. 

"Dogs never bite me, just humans"
--Marilyn Monroe

Monday, August 25, 2014

7 Tips To Gain and Keep Followers

When you are participating in blog hops, link ups or meme's, what draws you to click on certain blogs?
For me I like to see a picture. When linking up I believe being able to link up a thumbnail instead of just the title helps bring in traffic. For me, I like to see nice colorful pictures. If it is a picture of you or anyone else I like to see it being creative. Not just a bland selfie. (sorry selfie lovers) This usually steers me away and I wont click on your blog. 
I use this picture a lot. It is of me and my son. If I do not have a particular picture that goes with my post I go to this one, always.

Now once you have clicked on the blog what makes you stay there, read the blog, click around and end up being a follower? Or what drives you away?
Once I have clicked on one that has drawn my attention if it take a long time to load I will close out my window and go on. Please make it somewhat simple, do not overload your page to where it takes forever to load. 

When commenting, I do not like the captcha. Sometimes I have a hard time reading them. But not only that but when I enter in my comment and hit publish I usually click out and move on. When that captcha pops up it makes me feel like it is an inconvenience so you will be lucky if I finish up. Every blogger loves comments so make it easier for us to leave our comments. You can manually moderate the comments, so if you have tons of spam get rid of it manually or put that little check box at the bottom to check to prove they are not spam. I have never really had much spam to my comment box so what do I know? It may not be that easy. 

If I am attracted to your blog I will browse a bit but if you blog about the same thing all the time such as fitness...I will not follow. I have read that people will follow blogs if they are about certain subjects. I just disagree. I like to read a variety of things. In my blog you will find reviews (not many though) recipes, crafts, my everyday life, photos and information about autism. Its wide and varies. I try to blog a little something about everything for everyone. Maybe this approach has not been successful. I do not seem to reach over 100 views a day. Put a variety of subjects in your blog please. 

I have came to many blogs and have wanted to leave a comment but have a hard time finding the comment area. Usually its at the bottom of the page and it says Leave A Comment plainly. I found several over the last couple of weeks where I could not find this. So I just left :-( Make it clear where to leave comments!

For some reason I do not really like the content summary being somewhere else. When I click to read your blog I do not want to have to go somewhere else to read it. I want it all there. Keep it all in one place or have page tabs that are easily accessible. 

The other thing that will draw me away from your blog is if it is very very long. Keep it short and sweet. Now this is just most of the time. I know there will be a few times that you want to write a more lengthy post. If so make it interesting and not dry. 

If I like your blog I want an easy way to follow you. I still use GFC and my blogger dashboard. Maybe I am outdated but thats what I chose more times than none. Bloglovin' seems to not be so popular anymore or maybe its just mine thats not. I am still confused when it comes to twitter. I am getting used to google+. If you have any ideas that is better please let me know. I look into everything. I personally like logging onto my blogger and seeing all the blogs I follow right there. 

To sum up the above, in case you skipped down to the bottom of this post--7 ways to attract me and keep me coming to your blog are as follows
1. Make your blog appealing to the eye
2. Make sure you page loads quickly
3. Get rid of captcha
4. Blog about a variety of things
5. Make it clear where to leave a comment
6. Keep your full post in one place
7. Make it easy to follow your blog

This is my opinion only. I do not speak for other bloggers. Just myself. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Social 8/24/14 and Weekend Recap

Hey what do you know, I am actually doing this post on a Sunday and not Monday!! Yay for me! 

Today has not been to terribly exciting. Mr. Sexy is in the process of taking down the pool. Even though we seem to be in the hottest part of the summer. No sense in keeping it up if no one will use it. No one has cleaned or it or anything. The water turned green and it had tons of dirt in the bottom. Last year I did the upkeep on the pool but I was down after my D&C so could not do it. No one else would so BAM dirty, nasty pool. 
The boys went with their birth mom this weekend and still not home so I am not to happy about this. Its almost 7 p.m. and still nothing. They have homework to do. (Oh my bad they just walked in as I was typing this)
Logan got a new lead therapist today. She seems nice and knows what she is doing. I am actually looking forward to her ideas. 
I tried a recipe from pinterest tonight and it was an epic fail! I'm not sure if it was my oven or the recipe or what but it was horrible! It was bland and it was dry. Poor Mans Layered Cabbage Casserole. 

I also woke up Saturday morning to a swollen side of the face. Not sure what happened. I still have a bump under my eye. I am pretty sure I got bit by something in my sleep. Wonderful right? This weekend has been a bore and not so great. I am hoping for a better week. Here is to hoping!! 
Mr. Sexy and I also rented The Amazing Spiderman 2.....I was not fond of it. I could not get into the movie. I like Marvel movies and such, Stan Lee even made an early appearance and I did like Jamie Foxx's character. One of the few times you feel sorry for the bad guy. But this movie was like a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. 

This weeks questions:
1. What are you looking most forward to this fall?
Cooler weather!! The fall scene, I love the colors of the leaves and the crisp air. Oh and Halloween. One of my most favorite holidays.

2. What is your favorite sports team?
Used to be the Denver Broncos but most of the players I liked left so I will be loving on my Dallas Cowboys even more. I may even invite the Chicago Bears into my heart. 

3. If you could go back to college what is the one thing you would change?
Easy!! Not racking up so many student loans due to my stupidity. You can read about that HERE.

4. What was your favorite class you ever took? 
physiology. Yes I am that type of geek 

5. Reach into your purse, what is the first thing you grab?
Umm nothing, I do not carry a purse. I am not your girly type. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Humming Birds, Who Can Resist?

Lately I have been reading about hummingbirds and their likes. I have bought stuff from the store, you know the pre-made stuff but still yet my hummingbirds do not frequent my feeders. My parents on the other hand have so many flying about they can not keep up. I had to ask my mom what she does. 

1 part sugar 
2 parts water
and a touch of red food coloring (I have read on another site that food coloring does not matter, thats bull. My hummingbirds did not go to their clear food)

Okay this is an update to the above recipe. Seems since posting this I have caught some flack on adding red food coloring. There are NO proven studies that say this is harmful, so I am not hurting my hummers. Yes maybe my sugar to water ratio is a bit much but they do not eat from the feeders unless its this sweet. Next time I will try 1 to 3. But once again this does not harm my hummers. They use this as a source of energy, it is not a dietary supplement or their whole meals. Hummingbirds have a very very high metabolism so this ratio would not harm them anyway. Want to know where I get my sources? Here are the links
Those are just some, for every post that says its harmful can be met with another one that says there is no scientific proof.

You should clean your feeders regularly. Like for example if the sugar water sits to long it will sour. My parents do not even get a chance to do this. The birds suck this stuff down so quickly she has to fill them almost every single day. 

At my place I have 2 hummingbirds. 2 that frequently visit my feeder. Filling them up is not necessary. One thing though, if their feeders are empty or not there, they do come searching for me. I had one actually come flying to my window and was peeking in for awhile. Then another time I walked out my door and one about pinged me as soon as I walked out. 
Another rule on keeping your hummingbirds happy is keep their feeders and food out there all the time. If not they will hunt you down! 

“If my love could be represented by a blur, it would be the beating of a hummingbird’s wings. Did you know that my love is the only love that can fly backwards?
Jarod Kintz

Camera Critters

Friday, August 22, 2014

A New Meme! What is in My Junk Drawer

So during some random blog hopping that I do everyday I found a new meme to participate in.  Over at Jenerally Informed she hosts a Mommy Reality meme and this weeks theme she wants to know what is in our junk drawer. I was happy to share my post. So on to it...

Honestly I do not have a "drawer" I have a basket that sits on my side table by my couch. "My Spot" everyone in the house knows this is my spot. (one of my sheldon (big bang theory) tendencies. 

So there is some thread for bracelets I used to make and tacky glue, an old cell phone I got out because my moms messed up so I was going to give her this one but as you can see it just ended up in my junk basket. My ear buds, fingernail clippers, tweezers and chap stick. Nothing fancy. 

Now on the other hand my Mr. Sexy has junk drawers everywhere. He is a hoarder of everything I swear so I decided to give you tiny glimpse into his junkiness. 
First drawer, some random patches from when we rode, wires, papers and I see a pill bottle there

More papers, more wires and diablo playing manuel and some pennies

More papers and a router/modem..two of them, bullets and guess what?? More papers and more wires

And this is not it, low and behold he has this in the kitchen

There are more around the house as well.....

Jenerally Informed

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Little Things Become Favorite Things

Oh yes, yesterday was a long day! It will take a bit to get back in the routine that I once had. Logan's first day back to pre-school (a new one) was yesterday. He had no issues being there. Of course we have taken him there several times throughout the month. He knew the place, recognized it and was happy to be there. He did not like getting up in the morning (just like his mom). We stayed in his room until he got his food then we left. He did wonderful. His teacher even called me around noon to let me know how his day was. This week they are studying bears. Tomorrow he gets to bring a stuffed teddy bear to school. Logan is the one with the cup with a straw due to his allergy to milk. He gets soy.

As we were leaving my little guy, I stopped and snapped this shot outside his school. Not the best because it was done with my phone but still yet. It has been my favorite shot this week. 

My Mr. Sexy came home last week and surprised me with a set of wind chimes! He even got me a card a day or two later (for no reason). I woke up this morning to a nice little post on my facebook from him, wishing me a great day. That my friends is what I love. It is the small things that matter the most!

I am a lover of butterflies so he knows exactly what to get me to make me smile :-)

Something else I am so proud of getting. Its silly but a $5 shirt on clearance! My Hero t-shirt collection is growing!
I got even more of a surprise when I go to the checkout stand and it rings up at $3!! Woo Hoo! Yes I did a happy dance most of the night. Mr. Sexy thinks I am crazy. That is okay though, he still loves me and shows me with the small things that become my favorite things. 

If you want to know where I am linking up today I can tell you :-)
First off I am over at Katherines Corner for Thursday Favorite Things and I am also over at Little By Little for Little Things Thursday

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back Home For A Birthday

This past weekend we went up to my parents to sort of celebrate my dads Birthday. We were all supposed to do it this coming weekend but plans changed the day of.
Anyways since my dad does not like it to be a big deal we did not do much but hang out, cook and eat. My dad is old school so as soon as he was done eating, off to bed he went. 

35 years of marriage

This is how it is done in the country! 

Glad my sis likes to cook because I do not!

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Also I want to give my step son Cory a big shout out for being the eye behind the camera, except the sunflower picture! He did great for being 11!!
Thank you Kiddo

It' Okay That I will Not Be Returning to College

Where am I linking up today? That would be over at Airing My Dirty Laundry for It's Okay Tuesday.

Its Okay......
That I found out that I can not do my bachelors degree. I had decided to go back to college and get my bachelors in Business Administration. Not something I particularly wanted to do but it's what is in demand in the job industry around here. You can go anywhere with a BS degree. Well I already have an associates, but that degree is no good for anything and I found out I wasted tons of money doing this. I was young so therefore I screwed around, failed classes, dropped out, went back so in my being dumb and making bad choices I ran up my student loan bill. I am at $55,000! Ouch! Scary number huh? I did not know that they put a cap on student loans until a few days ago. The cap is $57,000. So that left me with $2,000 plus what I can get from a pell grant which is about $4,000. Yeah right, this will not get me my bachelors at $414 a credit! So I un-enrolled. No more college for me. Its okay though, I did not want to really go for that. I will just be a stay at home mom for a long time and figure out how to pay those crappy loans that are worthless. 

Logan starts his new preschool tomorrow. I am excited about him going and its okay that I will miss him. He will be in good hands. Hopefully much better hands than his previous school. Check out this video that shows what a wonderful school/company this is. 

Russellville Grand Opening from Pediatrics Plus on Vimeo.

It will be all okay....My son will be in wonderful hands :-)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to School Day!

Today was back to school in our neck of the woods and let me tell you I was one happy (step) mom! Being stuck in the house 24/7 for 3 months with two boys, one 16 the other 11 who thinks the couch would float away if they peeled themselves off of it, was not a happy summer. It had its good moments but I definitely welcome the break. 
Logan starts his new preschool (developmental) Wednesday. That will be a bit harder for me. I have enjoyed having my little boy home. It will be back to the normal routine that it once was. He goes to school, comes home and starts his ABA therapy at home then its time for bed. I do not get anytime with him and he is only 3. He is one busy busy little boy. 
The boys have made it home and boom more supplies we have to get. We had a specific list for Cory. We even double checked to make sure which list we went by. Well he brings home his papers from school and we have extra things we have to buy. Then everything he brought home has his very first name, Daniel on it when I specifically wrote on all the enrollment papers that he goes by Cory. The problems with having Four names right? (not my doing, I am not the birth mom) Oh and some of the rules! Ridiculous. Only 3 bathroom passes allowed during a 9 weeks period? If the child has to go any other time it will be counted as a tardy. I do not know about yall but when kids gotta go they gotta go. I would have gotten tons of tardies. 
Another funny thing is, this teacher sends home a power point that is printed out and she has spelling and grammar errors. She is a teacher lol. Yes I know, they are human too and make mistakes. But on the very first slide? People, even teachers are relying to much on spell check. If there is not a little red squiggly line under it they do not double check and see the grammar error. I have them but hey, I do not have a degree to teach. 

Now the highschool kid (Sean) comes home and says the entire times of the schedules have changed. Lots of things are different but since this one has issues talking, he stumbles over his words all the time so he has a hard time explaining anything. Then he tells us they had an assembly at school and during this in which there was a proposal. One of the teachers boyfriends proposed. Am I just on a bitchy kick or is this inappropriate to anyone else? This is school. I just do not agree with it. Maybe I just dislike this school district so much I am finding stuff to nit pick. 
Hopefully the year proves to be better. If not we just may have to make a move. 

Other than all my complaining the boys had a good day. It is Cory's first year in this school district. Atkins Red Devils in Arkansas. He even said he made a new friend. A new kid from Arizona. At least he did not spend the day by himself. That was my biggest worry for him. Sean the Sophomore, I had no worries. Hes fine. Other than the fact he wore a shirt he wore all the time last year all stained up and strings hanging all over it (despite all the new ones we bought him).

Boys.........I just do not understand them. Sorry no pictures of their first day..Does this make me a bad step mom? How were you little ones first day?

Sunday Social on Monday....Again :/

Hi everyone! Once again I am linking up a day late. I was laid up on the couch yesterday and I do not think I opened up my laptop once. (all my own fault) 
Anyways on to the party!
Yall know the drill! Join in with Ashley Lately and lets get to know each other with the weekly Sunday Social!

1. What is the one item you wish you could splurge on right now?
Does it have to be just one thing? There are so many things in my list that I would like to splurge on! I always want to get clothes for everyone. I love to shop for others, just do not like shopping for myself. A new car. That would solve some problems but then that would be a car payment. Something we can not do at this time. Ours are paid for. 

2. If you had an entire weekend of no plans what would you do? 
Not sure because this happens all the time. I like weekends that have plans. Other than that all we do is sit around and watch t.v. It gets old. What I would like to do is just load up in the car and take off. No plans no nothing! Just go and see what we can find. 

3. What is the next place you are visiting outside your city?
I am going to pick my daughter up in Clarksville. Not much of a travel thing. Its only a 45 minute drive, if even that. The current city I live in is small. There is nothing here but a few restaurants, gas station and a grocery store that is incredibly expensive. There is also a family dollar and dollar general. If we want to go shopping we travel outside the city and go the extra 10 miles to wal-mart just to save a few bucks. The local grocery store is expensive and not only that but you have to watch expiration dates. They have a tendency to not watch this and leave expired products out on the shelves and brown meats. Yeah no thanks. 

4. Are you a neat freak or clutter bug?
I am your neat freak when it comes to certain things. I am always trying to find new ways to organize. Now if I could just get the rest of the family to think this way things would be great! My Mr. Sexy and kids are not so big on being neat. 

5. What is your favorite summer purchase?
I have not really purchased anything in particular. We were so focused on getting clothes and back to school supplies for the kiddos. 

Stay tuned for next weeks questions and answers. Hopefully I can actually post on Sunday! Fingers are crossed!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday Critters! How fun!!

My Saturday Critters are my two dogs! Love these girls even if they get in a bit of trouble here and there. 

This is our girl Missy, she is chihuahua. Here she is smiling

This is Zuri! Our husky. We love her to death. Our family would not know what to do without her around.

What critters do you have around or have taken pictures of recently. We all would like to see.
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In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend my beautiful readers and viewers

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Blowing Bubbles with Thomas the Train

While shopping at wal-mart last night I ran across the clearance aisles! Who does not love these aisles? Anyways I found some bubbles. My son is in a bubble stage and we use them often in his ABA therapy for positive re-enforcement. He loves them. 

Another good thing about this is he loves Thomas the Train. They had others such as spider man and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. 
Thomas is a whistle as well. You pour some bubbles in the blue track little pot thing, then dip Thomas' chimney into the bubbles and blow. The bubbles come out and the whistle blows. He loved it! 

I just wish we could teach him how to blow bubbles on his own. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wordless Wednesday 8/13/14

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How To Stop Game Requests on Facebook

I do not know about you guys but when I am browsing my facebook I see tons of statuses weekly of people complaining about game requests. I have even seen one person post that they would start deleting people if they kept sending them these game requests. 

Honestly I do not know what all the complaining is about considering you can stop getting the notifications with a few simple clicks. 

In case you do not know how to do this and do not want to see these requests I have put together this tiny tutorial that I hope, can help some people figure it out and not complain on facebook about it. This will allow others to send requests and not get griped out for it. If you follow these steps you will not see anymore notifications or requests. 

First of all go to you settings, click on that

Next click on notifications

Click edit by the app requests and activity

The last step is to un-check or check the boxes that you want or do not want to get notifications from. If you DO NOT want a notification then simply un-check the box. That simple. If there is a check next to it, that means you will get a notification. Simple as that and then you scroll to the bottom where is says close! Your done.


Monday, August 11, 2014

When is Enough, Enough? Why We are Choosing A Different School for Logan

When is enough just enough? 
I have had some issues ever since Logan was diagnosed with Autism and finding a decent school for his dayhab as they like to call it but I prefer to say preschool. That is basically what it is but he gets his OT, PT and ST during this time. 
Logan started out at Friendship Community Care and I was happy with his teachers and his classroom. The downfall was the fact he was not receiving all his therapies and the times that he was supposed to get them weekly. They had a huge turnover rate and could not keep therapists. I then went on to get him outside therapy services so I was taking him to school, picking him up then going to therapy. Our days never ended. Fortunately we moved. The move meant a different school. 
This particular school had some rough starts. They did not send home daily notes or anything. I am somewhat of a picky mom I guess because I wanted to know how his day was daily. I wanted to know what therapies he went to, how long he went to them and what they were working on. I also wanted to know what foods he ate and how much of it he did eat. He has tons of allergies and I wanted to make sure they were not giving him something he was allergic to and also I could keep up with his food intake because he is one picky eater at home. If they gave him something new and liked it I wanted it to be known to me so that way I could introduce it to him at home. With some advocating and making my own copies of daily notes they finally sent home these notes in a binder. The teachers seemed to have had a hard time keeping up with it in the beginning so with lots of phone calls this started being a resolved issue. Logan was the only child they did this for. In my opinion they should have done it for every child. The daily notes were sent to me and I do read them every single day and kept noticing they were giving him food that contained milk (he is allergic) No wonder I could not get his eczema under control. We got that solved. His classroom, therapies and diet was running smoothly until...Time for evaluation. Ugh this was a mess. We had an issue and disagreement with the Physical therapist who told us Logan had improved so much over the last 6 months that he did not need but 60 minutes per week of therapy. In this meeting we asked about his orthotics. Oh my this therapist did not even know he wore them!! How in the world did she give him the proper evaluation without taking off his shoes and pulling up his pants, taking off the socks to see how his Achilles tendon was doing (both were curved)? Oh yes an argument broke out. She was rude and hateful and told us in her professional opinion he no longer needed orthotics (even though she did not even know he had them). 
We got a second opinion and his PT stopped with this particular therapist. She would not even allow her other girls to work with Logan because we disagreed with her opinion. Our second opinion proved us in the right. We brought this proof to the attention of the school director which he did nothing but relay the info to her. We had to go above to the top of the line to get anything done so my son could resume physical therapy. Not only did my son need orthotics but he needed better ones and also a build up in one of his shoes because one leg is longer than the other. We were told it was like he was stepping off a curb with each step he took. 
If this Therapist did this to my child I wonder how many others she has given this horrible advice to? Anyways she was told by the big bosses that she had to follow the second opinion. She then would not work with Logan at all and had one of her girls do it. How unprofessional. 
Logan was then moved to a different classroom. Problems began again........Giving him food he was allergic to, not writing down how much he had ate and not letting me know anything about his day. We had minor issues that was taken care of with a phone call here and there and then he came home with dirty hands....All the time!! I realize that children get dirty but I had to clean his nails out everyday. I would let it slide and not say much.
Logan receives ABA therapy at home after school and when the therapists started noticing how dirty his hands were I tried to bring it the schools attention. I was told basically kids are kids and will get dirty. Okay that is the truth so I let it go. During this time Logan was having issues with his classmates. I kept getting accident reports sent home. Logan has been bitten several times by the same child, a toy thrown at him which we were told it was a accident and that the wind caught the toy just right and happened to hit Logan. He has a scar from this incident! He had a chair pulled out from under him and fell and hit his head. It was numerous things and he would come home with new bruises all the time. We were never told how these bruises happened but yet when he went to school with a bruise from our pool ladder we were notified! The therapist at our house even took note of this. I had about had it and called and talked to the director and was told once again that nothing could be done because they will not kick a kid out of the class because of behavioral issues. But there was not another classroom for Logan or this other child to go into. Not only that but Logan was going to be moved into a new classroom in a month and the ratio was 2 to 14! Umm no!! My son is autistic and needs a better ratio than that. So here I was contemplating on whether or not to switch school. The last incident happened about a month ago and my son came home with poop on his hands! That was it, he was no longer going to that school. That was the last straw. How unsanitary was that? It was crap!! Literally he had crap on his hands and he had not even had a bowel movement that day. None of the teachers could tell us where it came from. Imagine that. 
So currently we are waiting to get everything done for Logan to go to Pediatrics Plus. I am excited about this new school and hoping for the best. Its been a longer wait because we just found out that Logans previous speech therapist did not do his evaluation right so he has to have another in order to start the new school. We do this Wednesday! Hopefully he gets to starts soon because I feel so horrible that he has been out of school for a month and has not received his therapies but the ABA therapy. 
The booboo he got from the toy hitting his head.

So when is enough, enough? Have you had issues with your child's school?