Sunday, October 12, 2014

How To Ground Your Kids

My kids have been grounded for various reasons. It is not the first time but it seems like everything we do nothing works. We will set a time limit for how long they are grounded and its our fault we usually end up forgetting and they get un-grounded and back to normal life. What does this teach the kids? Nothing really except that their parents are forgetful and if they hold out just a few days they will let us do whatever again. Not anymore! I found this idea on one of my friends facebook pages and thought it was a wonderful idea!

Not time limit so I do not forget. I, of course used a few things from this list but added some of my own and I am not as generous with points. (Call me a hardass) I know I am, but sometimes that is what kids need. 
I also added some tasks that have to do with kindness. For example, they have to come home from school and tell a parent about their day at school. Others are to write a nice letter (full page) to a family member, give a family member a good genuine hug, read books to their little brother, give someone in the family a compliment. 
What amazes me, my kids would rather to do the manual labor to get the points that take up more time and less points than to do the nice things and get more points. (I am not sure how to change this) 

Not only have I done a points system but I have also kept up with another sheet on why they are grounded just so they don't forget. (in reality so I don't forget) Taking things was not working and with our oldest, taking something did not bother him. Only thing he cares about is band and if we make him miss a game his grade suffers. I had to find something else. 

The points system seems very logical and well... I am getting a break. They are doing MY chores to earn points. 

Go about this any way you see fit. Unfortunately, I have to put, take a shower without being told on the list.  Ugh..Boys