Friday, April 5, 2013

In Logan's Folder

Logan always comes home from school with his cuddle grams and sometimes of course there are notes sent home. This folder of course is our communication with the classroom and the parents. I look at Logan's everyday and today I got a letter that was very surprising to me. 
I personally do not follow politics much and I am the kind that just says whatever happens, happens and I will take it with a grain of salt. This particular note was shocking. This letter, bright pink so we could not miss it stated, "There is not enough legislative support to pass health care reform in Arkansas"
I have heard many things about this reform or what a lot of individuals refer to as "obama care". I have heard good things and bad. Bad point being that we are required to have insurance or be fined. Not to bad of a thing to me. But I have always wondered how in the world can this be so bad for individuals? We are the only country who does not follow some sort of health care reform and we are the unhealthiest. Under this act the medicaid income eligibility raises, more people will and can be approved for medicaid. (I actually have a personal story for this) Individuals can not be turned down due to prior illness, most insurances will have to provide preventive care without a deductible. Personally I am all for the reform.
In this note sent home today it tells us parents that if this reform act fails to pass the house and senate my sons and everyone elses child may lose therapies and services he or she needs!! 
I can not grasp the reality of why they would not want to pass the reform? Why would our government jeopardize our childrens health. They are our future! It terrifies me to know that my son may not get his early intervention or any intervention at all or any therapies because the house votes down the reform. He does NOT deserve this and neither do the other children. Hopefully Arkansas smartens up! 

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Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Hi all! This is my very first time of participating in the Ultimate Blog Party. I am looking forward to this week and hoping to gain more readers as well as to follow some amazing blogs! 

A little about me:
My name is Melissa and I live in Arkansas, hopefully I will not be here my entire life. I have recently turned 32 and I am not dealing with it very well. Secret is, I am scared of aging. I am scared of wrinkles, age spots, sagging and grey hair. I have 3 children I gave birth to. Two girls and one boy. I have 3 "adoptive" children all three are boys!! 
I enjoy writing and photography. I do not write stories or poetry but just random thoughts I need to express or opinions on certain subjects. It is my outlet. 
I am a country girl, biker and rocker all rolled into one. Enough about me and on to describe a tiny bit about what my blog is all about.
I started this thing back in 2011 and it has been a slow going process. Life always seems to get in the way and I can not seem to stay consistent. Hopefully I will be able to stay focused now. My blog is not about one certain subject or specialty. I write about things on my mind at the time which can be very random. I also participate in a few blog hops that do have a theme. Tuesday 10 used to be one of my favorites. 
ALOT of the time I will write about my sons struggles and our struggles through his journey of being diagnosed with Autism. He has not been officially diagnosed as of yet because he was younger than two when he was given the diagnoses of "autism, preliminary" and being severely delayed.
My goal out of this blog is for it to become a part of me and who I am. I would love to be a professional blogger. Who wouldn't? I would love to review products but I have no way to know how to come about this. Maybe I can get some help from some fellow readers??
Looking forward to meeting new bloggers and gaining some great ones as well!!