Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cheating Politicians

"I cheated. It happened . Let's move on"--John McCain

What does Franklin D. Roosevelt, John Edwards, Thomas Jefferson, Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy all have in common?? You guessed it, they are all cheating politicians. The list is huge and goes on and on. I am sure there are a lot more that we don't know about. 

Why do we hate cheating politicians? Is it because we expect them to live up to some sort of moral standard? Do we feel like we have been betrayed? Did the politician betray us? My question to you is, Does it matter to you if a politician has cheated on their spouse??

A recent poll conducted says that 61% do care if a political candidate cheats and 39% can shrug it off. I usually will not get into any political debates what-so-ever because I believe I have no business doing so because I don't know enough about it. But when it comes to belittling a politician or political candidate for cheating I think I can say a few words on it. 
I guess I will be a black sheep and say I am part of the 39%. I do realize that political candidates or a person in office is supposed to be a great example and blah blah blah...Well the truth is, any politician is full of crap! and they cheat us in one way or another so why should it matter if it's committing adultery, Lieing, embezzling money, tax evasion or just not fulfilling the campaign promises? I really think the reason we like to hang our candidates or the person in office out to dry when it comes to adultery is for the simple reason everyone hates a cheating man. We can not call out all the men in the world or women who do this act but we can someone who is trying to make something of him/herself. (Are there any women cheating politicians or candidates??) Boy does the media attack and keep going. One of the biggest reasons I have heard is "If they cant stay true to their marriage vows how can they stay true to their oaths of office." Marriage vows and their oaths are two different and umcomparable items. I don't think that your campaign promises could give you problems in the bedroom. I also doubt that promising to lower taxes is comparable to your wife nagging non stop at you. 

When I hear of a cheating political candidate or a representative, I don't think they are the scum of the earth, I think they are human!! They have faults and they will crack under pressure. People really should lay off, especially the media and stop destroying their lives. Then again, of course they knew what they got themselves into when they put themselves in the public eye. One of the most beloved Presidents of our time has been accused of committing adultery but yet I do not read or hear anything bad about him. People still love him. This is back when it was not made so much public as it is now. By the way I am referring to John F. Kennedy and his proclaimed affair with Marilyn Monroe. 
Politician's deserve their privacy just as well as the rest of us and I myself really don't care about their problems or non problems in the bedroom!!! If President Clinton wanted to get a little action in the oval office, then what business is it of ours?? How about digging up some dirt on those women who participated? Yeah that is because people don't care about them. It all makes no sense to me on why it is such a big deal. You know, in fact if they are  being satisfied by some other woman other than their nagging or crazy or non putting out wife, then so be it! They may run our country better if they are getting some! 

Even the movies have it right--"Listen, I'm a politician which means I'm a cheat and a liar, and when I'm not kissing babies I'm stealing their lollipops. But it also means I keep my options open. " From--The Hunt for Red October

Thursday, December 1, 2011

LGBT, Support or Not?

"Let me live my life as I want for at it's end it is I who must die"- Tigress Luv

Have you ever sat back and wondered if you are really against or supportive of LGBT rights ?(Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender) and why? Are your reasoning's just an opinion you have formed because of how you were raised? Have you taken the time out of your life to actually get to know one of these people who are put into this category? These are a few questions that I believe are important to ask yourself before you are so quick to judge. 

I will admit I was one that judged others just because of where I had been raised. You call that social influence? I was not exposed to much of any types of diversity what so ever as well as I had not been exposed to many religious views. All my opinions were based on my upbringing and my social surroundings. Over the years I realized, boy was I dumb! I guess my eyes started to open as you can say when I moved out of the small town in Arkansas where I was born and raised. I made a journey to Denver Colorado. The first place I was really exposed to diversity was in a night club, yes a night club called the Church. It was full of many different people. I actually loved being surrounded by diverse personalities, but yet I still had that voice in the back of my head telling me that this was all wrong. 

My next journey has led me to Fayetteville, Arkansas where I have been lucky enough to meet two of the most beautiful lesbian couples I know. They love each other with everything they have and are very supportive of each other. By getting to know this couple it has opened my eyes even more. They are human, they love, they feel and they deserve to be able to be with each other without being bullied or hated. Thanks to these two beautiful women my opinion started changing completely.  

 More recently I have also learned of someone I had went to school with for years and never knew his secret. He is a woman trapped in a mans body. His story touched my heart and made me feel deeply sorry for him. Especially since I know where he lives and probably understand the ridicule he endured. I will be posting the video below for anyone who wishes to watch (which I recommend). The ending is not exactly what has happened. Josh ended up not giving up Brooke but has decided to keep on with her journey. I am very glad to know this and you will understand once you watch the video. This story has also opened up my views to whole other understanding of what I believe is right. 

So who are we as people to judge others and how they feel? We have no right. Only God has a right to judge us and that will happen in the end. Why should we worry so much about what others do? Why not just worry about our own life's. If two women, two men love each other let them love each other as they let a man and a woman love each other. I support LGBT rights to the fullest now that I have taken the time to "educate" myself. (Not sure on that as the proper word.) I am thankful to those that I know, those that I have met and those I have taken the time to read about to learn and accept and appreciate diverse personalities and sexuality. 

 "You know gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender-people are people"

Monday, November 21, 2011

Time To Give Thanks

A Time To Give Thanks

This is the time of the year to give thanks. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and its a time for family and friends to gather and feast and give thanks. The "First Thanksgiving" was celebrated to give thanks to God for guiding them safely into the new world. This was a three day event with enough food to feed 90 native Americans and 13 pilgrims. Then what happened after?? Yes a massacre of the Native Americans. (Just wanted to throw that in there) 

Do you or your family have any specific traditions at Thanksgiving? I can tell you what I remember from being a child. My mother would be up all night the night before prepping and baking pies. My favorite is my grandmother's and my mother's traditional pineapple pie. Everyone in the family looked forward to this pie. We did not have a huge meal but it was good enough for us. I can even still remember the menu. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, green beans, corn, sweet potatoes and of course pies. We never had many desserts just the pie. 

The day would begin with my mother getting up like at 6 in the morning to put the turkey on and then us kids would get up and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on t.v. while my brother and my dad were out hunting for the biggest part of the day. When my brother got older and moved out my dad would go by himself. We usually had dinner around 5 I believe when I was younger. Sometimes we would have other people stop by. I remember some of my parents friends coming one year, some friends thy had not seen in years. I also remember my uncle being there every year. 

As the years went by and we all got older the holiday started changing and a new tradition evolved. Thanksgiving was held at my grandmother's house (when she moved to Arkansas) and my Aunts, Uncles and cousins would all come and we all would have a wonderful Thanksgiving day at my grandmothers house. It was held at noon every year. After eating and cleaning up we would all head back up the mountain to mom and dad's house for the continuation of the celebration. 

Now more years have passed and the traditions that I once knew have disappeared. There are no longer any traditions in my family and it is really sad to think of it. I wanted to start my own traditions within my own little family but that is almost nearly impossible because of divorce, people work, kids are somewhere else..It saddens me. 

In honor of this holiday I will give thanks to the memories that I have growing up and my adolescent and young adult years ( I am still young). I will give thanks that I am alive and can remember those memories. No sense in me basking in my own misery just because our family can not be together. I will make the best of this day with the best that I have and thank God I have healthy, loving family. Maybe one day I will be able to start my own traditions. Until then I will just be thankful for what I do have. Love to all my readers and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Spend it with the ones you love and enjoy in wonderful conversations and be merry. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Divorce Sucks

Anyone who has experienced divorce knows that it just plain sucks in a lot of aspects but also for the best. I have experienced this two times in my short 30 years. Studies show that divorce rates have remained stable for the last decade at 50% for firsts marriages, 65% for second marriages and just gets higher with each marriage after. Basically statistics show that your doomed if you have been divorced and then remarry. Also basically your doomed if you marry at an early age. Marriages are more than likely to survive if marrying after the age of 25. I call BS but that is my opinion and not data. 

The worse thing I have experienced with my divorces has to do with my children. They are the ones caught in the middle and get hurt. I try my best to not involve them or let them know what issues their other parent and I are having but sometimes its inevitable especially as they get older. Holidays, extra visitation, child support and just anything to do with the child usually becomes a huge ordeal. Oh the Holidays. Yes this is the worse time of the year for me. All the fighting and figuring out who gets who when and where and etc..

In my opinion every divorced parent needs to work with each other. Think of the child and their needs before your own. I never understood it. I have sacrificed much time with my oldest daughter due to her sports. If I were a selfish parent I would say no, we are going by the papers and her extra curricular activities will take a back burner because I am selfish and want her here with me. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have her here with me but her wants and needs come first before mine. That happened the day I found out I was pregnant.  

Yes I am a mother with two children that live with their fathers. I made mistakes and I have paid for them everyday and do the best I can. I am on the paying end of child support. I am the puppet on a string who does whatever the custodial parent wants with the fear of a fight. I am not a fighter. I get so tired of arguing so I do give in more times than I don't just because I don't want my kids involved. You custodial parents out there, think about the non custodial parent every now and then and think about what your child would want and not what you would want. Do not use your child for your own selfishness just because you want to hurt your ex spouse!! 

With the holidays just around the corner try to make some sacrifices for your kids and make the best of it for both of you. Because I have an ex that can only think of himself I am stuck with Thanksgiving without my children. All because he insists we follow the papers I do not get to see my children until December. Everyone is so excited about the Holiday's, I stress and worry. Think if it this way, if 50% of people are divorced, 50% of people are going through the holidays fighting with ex spouses over issues with seeing their kids. It's not fair and something needs to change. No wonder suicide rates go up during this time of the year. I have just gotten to the point I don't argue. I am done. I have faith my children know I love them, know I care and would be there if I could. If you are out there celebrating the holiday think about inviting someone who is spending it alone missing someone in their own family. Remember what the holiday's are about. 

Either way you look at it. Divorce sucks! Especially when children are involved and the holidays are the worse. 



Sunday, November 13, 2011


Motivation is the driving force by which humans achieve their goals

The weekend has came to a close and the normal week life starts again for most families. Some families weekends are just starting, either way do you have enough motivation to do the things you want to do on your days off or are you lacking in that department? I can speak for myself and say I lack motivation. I am even surprised I have been able to keep this blog going as long as I have (not even a week). 

I have recently discovered the pinterest . Crazy site for someone who lacks motivation and the desire to accomplish many many "DIY Projects". This site has poured a fuel to a fire that has already been burning bright for awhile, I just can't seem to even make it die down a little. I have spent many nights awake with ideas and excitement. I finally go to sleep and BAM!!! Motivation has disappeared. I have wondered if it's because I am a stay at home mom and all that motivation gets poured into taking care of and entertaining my 9 month old son and the house or if I am just truly unfocused.  I decided to do some reading and research into this subject because I am pretty sure I am not the only one. Actually I am positive. I see it in my own family and children. So I need to fix this problem. 

We all know that in order to have motivation we need to have goals and to stick with them. One of the biggest failures to reaching a goal is procrastination. Oh yes I have this issue! The way to solve that is to not delay. We all knew that! But I think the bigger picture is to look into the real reason why we procrastinate. Here are a few reasons as to why we procrastinate, fear of failure, personality trait, future rewards. So we need to pay attention to what the real reason is. I believe for myself is fear of failure. Hopefully you can identify yours. Work on these issues and finally just get off your butt and do it!! I so need to take my own advice. 

I have a list of projects I want to accomplish
1. Keep up with this blog
2. Making memory boxes for my girls
3. Completing the Razorback shirt for my son
4. I have a few projects I am working on that involves salt dough
5. Creating the snowman stocking stuffers for Christmas
6. Lots of things on pinterest

How soon "not now" becomes "never"
My final note, if you are lacking the motivation to accomplish your goals you have set out to do, "JUST DO IT"

Friday, November 11, 2011

Picture Friday

So its Friday!! I have decided on Fridays I will post some super cute pictures to brighten your day and hopefully keep you smiling throughout the weekend. Enjoy

Google search,cute animal pictures :-)

My list of Pros and Cons of Autumn

"I think I am falling for Fall"
Moose from Nick Jr.

This is the shortest lived of the seasons and you have to be quick to catch it. There are good things and there are bad just like every season of the year. Here is a list I have compiled of my pros and cons of the very colorful season.

1. The end of a hot hot summer
2. Ah the rain
3. Beautifully colored leaves
4. Halloween
5. Pumpkins (Jack-o-lanterns)
6. Thanksgiving
7. Perfect photography opportunity
8. My reason to start drinking coffee
9. I can have chili and soup again
10. Perfect hiking weather
11. Beautiful sunsets
12. Birds..Yes birds, I see more hawks this time of the year than any other
13. Candy!!!

1. Leaves, Leaves, Leaves (yes they are beautiful but they are a mess to clean up)
2. Holiday shopping starts
3. Christmas takes over Thanksgiving
4. People start getting grumpy
5. Time change (yes we may gain an hour for that one night but we lose daylight)
    Perfect time for vampires though
6. More darkness brings more depression
7. Leaves, Leave and more leaves

Clearly I have more pros than cons. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. I love hikes out in the woods during this time. Of course Fall and Spring are a close match. I love both seasons. I even love winter..I despise summer!! I can not stand being hot. 
Autumn would be perfect if the leaves would stay their beautiful colors and stay put on the trees. They are nothing but a huge mess. A mess in my yard, my porch, my car and even in my house!!! I have two dogs, a cat, kids, husband and myself. We track in lots of leaves and not matter how much you blow them off or sweep them up they keep coming. Its about time to get the mower out and mulch them up. Its just like mowing in the spring. Twice a week it will need to be done. Much easier than raking. That is for the birds! Meanwhile enjoy some pics from the fall season I have taken.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Red Box Night

"In brightest day, in blackest night. No evil shall escape my sight ,Let all who worship evil’s might. Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!"
Every Wednesday night the husband always rents a movie or two from red box. I bet you can guess what it was that we watched tonight. Ha yes, your correct. It was The Green Lantern. We have been hesitating on whether or not to even bother to rent this movie after reading all the reviews for it. After all Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 4.6/10. That is not even half way decent. I had also been reading friends opinions on the movie and had not seen a one say that this movie was a good one. Then I checked out the ratings on IMBD which is one of my favorite sites to refer to movies, actors and actresses. Packed full of great info. IMBD gave this movie a 6.1/10. Not to bad of a rating so why not go ahead and see for myself. 

First I will give you a little bit of an overview of this movie from my perspective before I tell you what I thought of it. This is based off of DC comics and of course The Green Lanterns are heroic. They help keep the peace in the universe. Each Green Lantern wears a ring that is powered by the imagination and will. After the death of one (alien hero) the ring chose another (Hal, played by Ryan Reynolds) which is of course the beginning of the whole movie. Of course every hero has a villian. Not much more sense in me telling you anymore of the plot you will just have to watch for yourself. 

Now for my grand opinion...I really liked this movie and I would be willing to give it an 8/10. I will say that I do not think that it would be for smaller children considering the villian is kind of scary looking. If your child is sensitive to those things then beware. And of course the costume has to be kind of dorky. The masks?? Why?? It did not work for Zorro or Superman. Its not going to work for the Green Lantern. I just never understood the point of covering up a little bit of your eyes and your cheekbones and expecting that to pass as a disguise. You can still tell who the person is if you look close enough. At least he is not in a cape. Those capes could catch on anything. Anyways enough of my nitpicking. I enjoyed this movie and the action was enough to keep my attention focused (which is a great thing). 

If your looking for a movie to rent or to add to your DVD/Blue Ray collection I do recommend The Green Lantern

 "He said the ring chose me. He said its a great honor. Responsibility" 
Internet Movie Database
Red Box

Wednesday, November 9, 2011



Yes I realize this post about Halloween is a little tiny bit late, well I started my blog late. I wanted to share with you my children's Halloween celebration over the weekend. I was able to have my two oldest over that weekend but not all of my kids. It happens that way at times. This was my 8months old sons first Halloween and I was not going to pass up the opportunity to take him out trick or treating. I realize he can't really eat the candy but I wanted to enjoy the experience. My son loves people and loves getting out so this was the perfect time to do such a thing. On Saturday I decided to take all three of the kids trick or treating at the Frisco Station Mall. Nothing big but hey its something. Afterwards we attended a small carnival with Games and rides. Logan got to play his very first ever carnival game, of course with the help of his big sister.  The kids really enjoyed this and had a blast. I am so thankful I have children that are not greedy and do not need the huge things in their lives to make them happy.

"If you see a spider on this night, it could be the spirit of a dead loved one watching you"

The two older kids went home on Sunday, but that did not stop me from taking Logan out on Monday night.  I was joined by Logan's God Parents, his uncle John and Aunt Kim. I thank them a ton for tagging a long. Logan even had his very first sucker :-) Butterscotch flavored. 

If your out and about and looking for a place to visit in North West Arkansas Check out this place. They hold events often