Monday, November 4, 2013

Christmases Past

This makes the 2nd Christmas in my new relationship. Between us we have 6 kids we buy for so it is an expensive and broke Christmas for us and unlike the kids we could care less about the holiday rolling around. It just means more brokeness in our future especially with 3 teenagers! Yes, 3 teenagers 2 tweens and one toddler. 
Last year our Christmas for the kids was decent but our decorations were lacking. 
This year Things need to change! This small thing was only up a few days before the former room-mates cat attacked it. 

The question for all of you I have is, would it be tacky if I asked for all my Christmas Decor back that I had in my previous marriage?  Or should we just start a new? Together? I asked my significant other what he thought of this. His opinion is get the stuff back. Its just a tree and such. Less money we have to spend. 

Oh what to do??