Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Am I Back??

It has been months since I have blogged a thing. This life of mine has been crazy and I have been so caught up in getting Logan all situated in his new school and home I have really not had the time or motivation to just sit down and write (type) same thing these days. Lots of things have changed in our lives. I will use this blog post as somewhat of an explanation for my absence. I will not go into to much detail but try to explain a little. 

My "soul-mate" turned out not to be the center of my soul. Another failed marriage. I do blame myself in part but it was both of us. Issues started rising when I became pregnant and then continued until I left. We tried to work on it but it just never got better. Seemed to have gotten worse when Logan was "diagnosed" with autism. We decided to part and go our separate ways.

Here I am, starting my life over again. How many times can someone start over? I am about sick and tired of it. In the light of starting my life over I had to over haul my blog page which consisted of a name change and a change in the section of "about me". 

I am now living closer to my family and most importantly I am closer to my girls. But there is still the factor that I do live with a man that I am not married to so the two ex douches will not allow my daughters to stay the night and then one douche says its because my significant other has a teenage boy that lives here as well. Its just something I have to deal with in stride I guess because I never plan on marrying again. Just not my thing. I think I have discovered this after three failed attempts. 

I still have my boy Logan and no one will take him away from me for any reason. He is my reason!! My current ex (Logan's daddy) is more understanding than the previous two. In some ways this is what Logan needed and I will explain this in future blogs. 

Until the next time to all my readers and followers, enjoy your Christmas with your family. 

Poor baby was not feeling well