Friday, October 10, 2014

Did You Know That There Was An Eclipse?

Did you hear there was a lunar eclipse? 
I woke up..not for this event but because of Logan being sick. I woke up to check his fever and the eclipse had began. I figured why not stay up and try to get pictures of the entire thing? That was a FAIL!! Unfortunately I was not able to get it all. I got some of it :-) came back in, chilled on the couch for a bit and went outside at peak time and it was gone!! Gone I tell you. BLACK. I walked out in my yard to see if I could find it somewhere and I barely could see it. By barely I mean I could not even find it through my camera lens because it was so dark. Now imagine this, Im outside in my yard and its pitch black!! Only light out is from my front porch light. My yard has holes everywhere (due to my husky) and I am night blind as can be! I am also freakishly afraid of snakes. I am thinking to myself I am going to step on a damn snake trying to find the moon! The neighbors dog starts barking and scares the crap out of me and almost fall and bust my butt. Thats it, I was done. I went back in the house!! I got on facebook and seen everyone else around me in my area had a lunar eclipse fail too!! Now I do not feel so bad but pretty ticked I wasted this precious time trying to find this moon and photograph it when I could have been sleeping!

Anyways thats the only picture I got. Before that I was playing with my camera and got a few pictures of the moon before eclipse time (like before bed) and saw an awesome spider web and tried and tried to capture it clearly but failed. Oh well, its a neat picture anyways. 

The day after it stormed, and the sky afterwards was such a beautiful blue. This picture did not do it justice. Sucks living in the woods. We never get a clear shot of the sky. 

How did you Lunar Eclipse experience go?? Tell me in the comments :-) Have a wonderful weekend. 


  1. Sorry about the failed attempt, but it does make for a funny post! I like the shot you did manage to get!!

  2. That spider web image in the dark with a flash?---------incredible.
    Love the morning after sky shot!! Wow.

  3. Great photos. I love the spider web shot.We did not see the eclipse in Bangalore. In fact, the moon was hidden by the dark clouds.


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