Thursday, December 1, 2011

LGBT, Support or Not?

"Let me live my life as I want for at it's end it is I who must die"- Tigress Luv

Have you ever sat back and wondered if you are really against or supportive of LGBT rights ?(Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender) and why? Are your reasoning's just an opinion you have formed because of how you were raised? Have you taken the time out of your life to actually get to know one of these people who are put into this category? These are a few questions that I believe are important to ask yourself before you are so quick to judge. 

I will admit I was one that judged others just because of where I had been raised. You call that social influence? I was not exposed to much of any types of diversity what so ever as well as I had not been exposed to many religious views. All my opinions were based on my upbringing and my social surroundings. Over the years I realized, boy was I dumb! I guess my eyes started to open as you can say when I moved out of the small town in Arkansas where I was born and raised. I made a journey to Denver Colorado. The first place I was really exposed to diversity was in a night club, yes a night club called the Church. It was full of many different people. I actually loved being surrounded by diverse personalities, but yet I still had that voice in the back of my head telling me that this was all wrong. 

My next journey has led me to Fayetteville, Arkansas where I have been lucky enough to meet two of the most beautiful lesbian couples I know. They love each other with everything they have and are very supportive of each other. By getting to know this couple it has opened my eyes even more. They are human, they love, they feel and they deserve to be able to be with each other without being bullied or hated. Thanks to these two beautiful women my opinion started changing completely.  

 More recently I have also learned of someone I had went to school with for years and never knew his secret. He is a woman trapped in a mans body. His story touched my heart and made me feel deeply sorry for him. Especially since I know where he lives and probably understand the ridicule he endured. I will be posting the video below for anyone who wishes to watch (which I recommend). The ending is not exactly what has happened. Josh ended up not giving up Brooke but has decided to keep on with her journey. I am very glad to know this and you will understand once you watch the video. This story has also opened up my views to whole other understanding of what I believe is right. 

So who are we as people to judge others and how they feel? We have no right. Only God has a right to judge us and that will happen in the end. Why should we worry so much about what others do? Why not just worry about our own life's. If two women, two men love each other let them love each other as they let a man and a woman love each other. I support LGBT rights to the fullest now that I have taken the time to "educate" myself. (Not sure on that as the proper word.) I am thankful to those that I know, those that I have met and those I have taken the time to read about to learn and accept and appreciate diverse personalities and sexuality. 

 "You know gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender-people are people"

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  1. If it's not the church trying to sit in judgment, as if they are themselves without flaw, and seem to think they know better then the creator himself, it's the fear of anything different instilled in those raised in closed minded households or communities. Some people.... just love to hate!!!! And they need people to hate or abuse to stand their own hollow existence. It's one thing to believe something is not for you, and even avoid it if you don't like it. In fact it's even your right to voice your opinion. But it's another matter to force your views on others who don't believe as yourself, or to enact violence against another peaceful person for any reason. All it shows is just how terribly small and poor a person is who enacts violence against their fellow man or woman, for any reason.

    People should always be allowed to love who they can, when they can, and it's not anyone else's business. (Well, unless it's sexual love with children) So, let me say, once your of an age to make your own decisions, two willing people should be allowed to love as they will, unhindered by anyone else. Period.


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