Monday, January 27, 2014

Soliciting The Bill Collector

Yes I have bill collectors, quit a few of them in fact! 
Oh its all part of life right, especially with student loans. Agh! A dregree I have that I can not do anything with that cost me $25,000!!
So today I get a form called a forbearance, I decided to complete it and on top of that solicit them for business.  
I am an independent representative for Jewelry In Candles and of course I am no sales person. Along with sending them my forbearance form I sent them my business cards. 

Think it will work?? 

If you can finish out my ss number good luck on getting anything! In fact you might make my credit better so please feel free to try ;-) 

Also if you feel sorry enough for me and want to contribute to helping me pay for some student loans you can purchase from me too. Here is my link to my store! Go get you some great smelling candles and some jewelry in them!!!
Melissa's Wonderful Candle Store

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