Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Watch The Symptoms

Last week I wrote a blog about fever. You can read it HERE. My son had been running a fever all day and then into the night. I know not to fear the fever because it does serve a purpose. It is fighting off an infection of some sort. I paid attention to my sons symptoms. I know it usually is not normal to run a fever with just a cold. I chose to take my sweet heart to the ER with symptoms of fever, runny nose, and cough. He was diagnosed with pharyngitis. I followed up with his PCP the next day and he was diagnosed with ear infections. Its all connected. Throat and the ears all upper respiratory stuff. He got a shot of rocephin and sent home with antibiotics.
Thursday rolls around and he is still running a fever along with all these symptoms, runny nose, coughing, congestion in the chest and vomiting. I call the doctor and ask for advice. I was told then that just because his flu test came back negative did not mean a thing. I needed to pay attention to the symptoms. If he was running a fever an Friday he needed to be re-checked. Yes he was still running this awful fever and had all those symptoms. Since his PCP was out Friday I took him back to the Emergency Room. The doctor on call could not understand why I brought him back since he had been give a shot Tuesday night and sent home with antibiotics. I knew my baby did not feel well and was not getting better. The doctor was rude and well I started getting rude back and insisted on a chest x-ray to be done! She did not think it was necessary because it was clear on Tuesday night. Guess what? He had pneumonia! On top of that she guessed he had the flu as well. We could have had him admitted to the hospital but chose to wait it out. They gave him an adult dose of recephin right in the hip. My poor baby!! I did not want him to be poked and prodded unnecessarily to be admitted into the hospital. He had already been through enough in my opinion. 
We all go home for the night. If he was not better after that huge dose of antibiotics I would have him admitted. The next morning Logan was feeling much much better!! He is not 100% but he is better than he was. It was nice to see my baby smile again. I had missed it for a week. Not to mention he was eating again!
My point of this is Parents if you feel your child needs more tests insist on it. You are the parent and you know your child better than anyone else and most times the doctors! Pay attention to the symptoms!! Always pay attention to the symptoms. Hopefully my son is on the mend. Even though he is fever free I am keeping him out of school for another week to give his immune system time to heal. He has to deal with enough already. 

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  1. You were right to persevere for your son's sake and get those x-rays. I'm happy to hear he is feeling better. It is never easy seeing your little one's so sick.


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