Monday, January 16, 2012

Eczema--Not So Simple(useful tips?)

This is a continuation from my previous post on some ways to help control an eczema flare up. Some of these will not work for everyone but in my sons case it has seemed to somewhat help. I do have a long ways to go in finding out other methods and experimenting with things. If any of my readers would like to offer any suggestions I am most definitely up to trying them out if I have not already. So no holding back on the comments! 

First thing we learned is that we were doing everything WRONG! Warm baths, baby lotion, baby oil, dreft for laundry and even keeping the room warm. Who knew?? Not us and unfortunately our little boy got the butt end of it. 

1. First thing we did was get rid of the Dreft and switched to All free and clear. Nothing with dyes or smells and not only did we switch to washing Logan's clothes but everyone in the families laundry with this product. 
Another laundry switch was the dryer sheets. This was just as important as the detergent. We chose Bounce free and sensitive. 
And we always! always! use the second rinse cycle during the wash.

2. Instead of warm baths we were told to use luke warm baths. The heat from the water can cause a flare up. This is the crazy part, we were told NO SOAP or SHAMPOO unless it was absolutely needed. If it was needed then use it only on that certain spot. Do not rub the child dry but pat, or you can choose not to dry them off at all (which is what I do). 

3. In Logan's case, forget the baby lotions and baby oils and even all the Aveeno products..I use straight up mineral oil! When I get him out of his bath and lay him on the towel I apply the mineral oil while he is still wet. Seems to work well for us. I even have to use it on his head. His head will even flare up with eczema..He has scabs all on his scalp. 

4. The next product that has worked well for us when he has a flare up or even a small one, I use it a lot really is Cortizone 10--eczema healing lotion. I apply this 2 to 3 times a day.

These are just some products we use that works for Logan or at least keeps it a little bit more under control than what it could be. The next few things we plan on looking into is a cool humidifier for his room. This is for the purpose of keeping moisture in the air. We try to keep the rooms in the house as cool as possible because heat can and will cause a flare up. This may not be a serious condition but it is a pain in the butt condition to have to deal with. Logan has his good days and his bad days. Hopefully with time he will grow out of it. According to our doctors we may never know what causes the flare ups entirely (could be allergy to something such as clothing, dander, dust, food, etc..). The only thing we can do is eliminate the causes one by one and try to keep him comfortable and the flare ups under control. 

I apply mineral oil in the morning, the cortizone 10 at lunch and then before bed I apply both..If he has a horrible flare up I will use his prescription cream in his worse spots and only on occasions we have to use his oral steroids.  It is a constant battle to keep his skin moisturized and him comfortable. 

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