Monday, January 30, 2012

Immunizations linked to Autism??

Are Vaccines Causing Autism In Our Children?

Every now and then I like to research certain topics and this one came to me by a conversation that I was having with a friend. This was also discussed while I was attending classes for Medical Assisting but since it got brought up again I decided to do some research (I love research) and share it with my readers. 

What started the whole controversy was a paper written by a British Gastroenterologist  Andrew Wakefield M.D. and his colleagues that suggested the MMR vaccine might cause symptoms associated with autism. This paper was published and made very well public. Thousands of parents refused to vaccinate their children resulting in 100's of hospitalizations and several deaths from the measles. At the beginning of last century 161,100 children died before their fifth birthday. 

Since the publication of this paper there have been many studies investigating the link between autism and vaccines. The results show no link. Also keep in mind this paper has been RETRACTED! People will still question and always wonder about what causes autism so therefore the vaccine hypothesis stays. The choice not to vaccinate your child will in no sense lesson the risk of autism. When delaying vaccines you leave your child unprotected when they are the most vulnerable. Before you decided whether or not to vaccinate your child do the research and know your making the right decisions. As for my kids and myself, they will be vaccinated. I will take the chance (if any) of my child having autism over death from a disease in which I could have prevented by choosing to vaccinate my child. 


Some sites to check out if your researching the topic

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