Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

I found a new link up. It is called Happy Homemaker Monday! Seems like fun. So if your looking for something to blog about on Mondays this seems great! 
I have had a busy beginning of the month with moving and getting Logan into his new school with new therapists so I have slacked in my blogging once again. Something always seems to get in the way. 
I had to put Logan to bed already, I have ate dinner that I cooked for just me and maybe my fiance whenever he gets home from work. So I have free time and decided why not try to blog for once since its been so long since I have. 

Happy Homemaker Monday

The Weather--It is hot and humid. What do you expect? It is June in Arkansas. So happy I actually got a swimming pool this year. First time ever. I have never owned one nor did I even get the pleasure of growing up with one. We were lucky if we even visited the creek twice a year. Probably a huge part of why I do not know how to swim. 

Right Now I Am--Sitting on my couch with my laptop on the coffee table, digesting my wonderful dinner and drinking my cold pepsi waiting for some certain show to come on t.v. and of course waiting for my fiance to come home. The highlight of my nights. 

Thinking--So I am thinking how many people will actually read this and be interested. Since I have slacked off in the blogging world when I do post I get hardly any views. I need to discipline myself to post more often. I have been saying it for almost 2 years now and never seem to follow through with it. 

On My Reading Pile--I have been wanting to re-read the hunger games. I remember the first well, I never finished the last couple of chapters in the third book but I can not seem to remember the second one very well. Not like I can the fist and the movie is supposed to come out in November if I am not mistaken and I am ready. I guess I should finish the the last book before going back. 

On My T.V.-- At this very second it is The Big Bang Theory. I am waiting patiently for the premier of Under The Dome, a Steven King creation. 

What I Found While Surfing The Net--I come across all kinds of things all the time. Mainly I am on facebook. I guess you could say that I am addicted. But because of the pages I like I come across some pretty interesting thing. For example I follow a page called Stop Discrimination Against Special Needs it is very inspiring. Personal stories are posted and questions are asked and answered by a variety of individuals. You should check it out.

On The Menu For This Week--Tonight I had twice baked potato casserole (yummy yummy)
Tomorrow Leftovers possibly?? hard decisions because we also have chicken salad left over
Wednesday will more than likely be another left over night
Thursday I may put on a pot of black eyed peas
Friday I have no idea at the moment. 

On My To Do List--What isnt it seems. I need to pick up kids sometime this week, Wednesday I will. Get my son ready for his school everyday this week. He does not have a summer vacation for his day-habilitation. 
Looking Forward To This Week--The weekend, always the weekend. For the simple fact that I can be with my fiance without him going to work. Yes we sound sickening in love dont we?

Looking Around The House--I cleaned today so there is nothing out of sorts. Of course I clean everyday. Only thing out of place is one of Logans trucks laying in the middle of the living room floor. 

From The Camera--New pool, new photo opportunities

On My Prayer List--Everyone
Bible Verse--( I am not a very religious person, I keep my faith to myself and honestly I dont have any verses off the top of my head) I am so sorry if this causes any issues. My son has a really cute one painted on his bedroom wall though

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  1. The pool looks nice! Enjoy! I, too am looking forward to watching Under the Dome. In fact, I think it's on right now!

    Have a good week!


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