Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scavenger Hunt 6/30

Oh boy I am excited about this. I have missed a lot of Sundays so I am happy to be participating again. 

This weeks Prompts are
and Stripes

1. Tools
In this case, his mouth was the tool. We blew up over 80 balloons for Erics sons birthday 

 Moving day. The kids and the moving tools.

2. Motion
Picture taken while riding down the road

Oh this is a great motion video. My son loves this!!

3. Sweet
My honey is so sweet

Logan loves showing off his Thomas, he is just to sweet

4. Dots
Did my nails as strawberries, the seeds are my dots

5. Stripes
My son wears a lot of stripes

As well as Charlie our cat

There you have this weeks round up. If you want to link up you can find it in my side bar! Have fun


  1. omg,,,that video is so cute...i think my son would like that too, LOL.

    Cool nails, that must have taken a long time. what a cutie for a son, don't you love when they are so proud of their toys

    1. Actually it did not take me long to do my nails. Im ready to find another idea to use to paint them.

  2. Those nails are too fun! Great finds!!

  3. ohhhh... moving... isn't that the worst project?!! Logan has a sweet smile! and what a silly guy... all that spinning (motion). Have a great 4th!

  4. Well, that video just made me giggle...almost made me dizzy too!!


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