Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Homemake Monday--August 20th 2013

This Monday was the start of a new school year for the kiddos. I guess its not a huge deal around here considering my Logan goes year round and our 15 year old that lives with us started today. So far it has been quiet. Nothing to special or out of the ordinary. Just one of the first days I have actually had a morning to myself. Just me. 
I hope you join the rest of us for Happy Home-maker Monday. It is a fun post and I like to join every week (when I can). You can find it on my links page.

Anyway on to it

The Weather: We are still having an unseasonably cool August Summer. Yesterday it barely made 80 and today we are looking at 77 at the moment. This brings me to something I seen on some classified ads. It was a pool that was for sale and it stated "Do not use it as much as I thought" well no crap, we have barely had a summer, of course you have not used it much. I myself have missed my pool. I have not been in it in over two weeks. I could have gotten that tattoo I wanted :-)

Right Now I Am: Sitting in silence typing up this post. Well besides all the noises I can hear outside. Sometimes I do enjoy the silence. No t.v.!! I can concentrate and think much better this way.

On My Reading Pile: Nothing. I am not into novels but I can tell you what tabs are open on my pc as of right now. Blogger dashboard, Diary of A Stay At Home Mom, and season 3 episode 6 of the walking dead just begging to be watched.

On My T.V.: As stated above, nothing, nadda, zip, zilch. Just a black screen

On The Menu For This Week:
Chicken and more Chicken, my honey has some recipe he is going to do that he swears is really good called Mayo Chicken. Sounds kind of gross to me but I will give it a shot. I also have him talked into trying this recipe I found called spinach and pepperjack chicken. You can find the recipe HERE but I have asked him to take out the cajun seasoning and add something else. I am not a fan of spicy. Neither is my body

On My To Do List: Oh I am not so sure. Get organized some more :-) I am some what OCD when it comes to certain things and tomorrow I have a conference with Logans school so I am sure I will have more paperwork to organize considering I want copies of everything such as evaluations and his IEP

In My Craft Basket: Embroidery Floss as always. I am steadily working on all these friendship bracelets that I hope to sell for purposes of donating the money to Logans school and other local programs that help children with special needs. If you would like to check out our online store please do so and make your purchase!! 
Arkansas Riders For Autism--Storenvy

Looking Around The House: Ugh did I really have to do that? Pile of laundry that needs to be folded and put away sitting on the recliner. I despise laundry and want to avoid it like the plague. Then I see my girls (dogs, missy, Zuri and Lola) just being lazy mutts and resting. 

From The Camera: I thought it would be fun to post the very last picture I took or saved from my phone. I have not had the Nikon out lately. Just use my phone constantly. 

My sweet little Logan waiting for his bus this morning for another fun filled day at his school with lots of therapy and play time!

Everyone have a wonderful Monday and feel free check out some of these other websites to benefit myself and others
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Arkansas Riders for Autism
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  1. He is soooo cute :)

    You have to catch up on Walking Dead before the new season lol

  2. Your TV sounds like mine...tabs open on the computer :-D Have a great week!


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