Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Arkansas Riders For Autism Online Store

I have been so caught up in doing other things that I have neglected my blogging duties. I have several reviews coming up that I need to post and possibly another giveaway? My last one did not do so well :( only ended up with 26 entries. I get discouraged sometimes with blogging that I do tend to neglect it. By that I am meaning by not seeing my followers go up in numbers or my comments being empty. I get sad and move on to other things. 

In the light of things I have now opened up an online store. This store is for bracelets that the S.O. and I make. 80% of the proceeds go to helping our local special needs school. My son attends one that does so much for the kids that I think it would be nice if some regular people such as myself could help them out financially. Getting started is the hard part. I'm trying to get stock built up so that way we can attend flea markets and craft fairs. 
This started out as my honey and I wanting to start some sort of riding group. We are motorcycle enthusiasts and love to ride, problem is that all the clubs around here are not what we are looking to join except maybe with the exception of BACA which is Bikers Against Child Abuse. We decided to set up our own group. Not a club but a group of riders who are wanting to give to the local schools, charities, therapies etc.. We came up with Arkansas Riders for Autism. 
This is our own design and hopefully in the near future we will be wearing these patches proudly. It is slow going when you have limited funds. We are slowly getting started, hoping others will want to join us and help the special needs children and schools. Funds are limited so it is very very slow going. 

If you would like to check out our work and online store please do so!!! And make a purchase. We make everything we sell. 
80% of the proceeds will go to our local community schools that help children with special needs such as the one my little Logan attends. They do so much for the kids its time someone gives back. So go check it out and support this cause!! It will make you feel good. I promise

You can also find our FB page 

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