Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rain Rain Go Away.....Or Not

Today is a rainy Thursday. I wish it would have came earlier this morning so I could have slept better. Instead the rain made its appearance this afternoon. I do not mind the rain one bit. It is helping my allergies get a break. 

Since its such a rainy day and I don't have much to say I decided to follow in Taira's blog steps and answer some questions in a questionnaire! How fun! You can find out more about me and her as well. If you want to participate by all means do so. Just make sure you comment you link so I can read your fun answers and comment on Taira's Blog as well so she can read your answers. 

Do you like blue Cheese?
Umm yeah! I am a cheese addict. Blue cheese is great on my salads and mostly on a steak. Oh my Yummy Yummy

Do you own a weapon?
Most definitely. We be packing around here!! (legally)

What flavor of Kool-aid is your favorite?
Used to be tropical punch. As I have gotten older this drink seems to give me some major heart burn

Do you get nervous before a doctors appointment?
Depends on why I am going

What do you think of hot dogs?
Ugh they are okay if grilled. Other than that I will usually pass. 

Favorite Christmas movie?
I really dont have one. Christmas usually bums me out

How many miles do you run a day?
Miles? Run?? HAHAHA thats funny!

What is your favorie piece of jewelry?
I will have to say the memory locket I got to pick out for myself as a Valentines day gift from my significant other. 

Favorite Hobby?
Photography!! I am not great at it but its still my favorite thing to do. 

Favorite quote of the day?
I dont have a favorite of the day but I have a favorite of all time "reality continues to ruin my life"

Whats your weight?
I am a proud 120!! 

Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment
My vanilla bean wax melts smell so wonderful, ugh my ear is aching and oh listen to that thunder! Loving it

Current worry
My son, always my son. He is sick at the moment. Double ear infection and allergies. All that set his eczema off and he got a secondary infection from all that. 

Current hate right now?
That my Loki (siberian husky puppy) will not stop chewing on my shoes!

Favorite place to be?
Right here at home with my family

Where would you like to go?
Of all time?? Australia 

Do you own slippers?
Yes two pairs and they are both very very colorful

What color of shirt are you wearing? 
Black, not a great idea considering I have two white dogs that shed like crazy. 

Can you whistle?
Ugh NO!! I hate everyone who can :-( 

Favorite color

Would you be a pirate?
No, Never! I can not swim

What songs do you sing in the shower
If you think im sexy (rod stewart) makes me crack up laughing everytime

Whats in your pocket?

Last thing that made you laugh?
Answering the song I sing in the shower because well it makes me laugh

Worst injury you ever had as a child
Oh a horrible burn on my leg from my brothers motorcycle. It blistered and popped. Eww it was nasty

Do you love where you live?

How many t.v.s do you have?

Who is your loudest friend?
No one really. I dont have much of a social life anymore

How many dogs do you have?

1 plus a stray

Does anyone have a crush on you?
I dont know and I dont care

What is your favorite book?
Hunger games series

What is your favorite candy?
Hersheys with Almonds

What song do you want played at your funeral?
Really? Im not going to think about that

Have a wonderful and Sunny Thursday

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  1. That last show of the leaves is breathtaking, Melissa - great job!

    1. Thank you June! I like messing with different setting with my camera on the same shot.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and participating! Now following you :) You had me cracking up at your answers especially how you can't whistle and hate everyone who can. I'll be visiting back soon

    1. I just dont understand why I cant whistle :-( I am glad you enjoyed my responses


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