Monday, April 21, 2014

Not Your Typical Easter

Oh I have once again stumbled off the beaten path of blogging. But that is okay. I am here again and hopefully will continue to follow. 

Easter was yesterday and I hope all of you enjoyed the day with your family. For us it is not the traditional Easters that I remember. We were never really into going to church and honestly I still dont. (Even though I am seriously thinking about it)
But we would always dye eggs, hide them, hunt them and have an Easter lunch. My parents never said what Easter was about or anything. I found out later as an adult. 
Easter this year was a disaster. We decided to take Logan out to an Easter Egg hunt that a local church had set up at the city park. Logan was already feeling kind of rough but I wanted him to be able to pick up eggs since we decided we were not doing it at home. I should have put Logan in the younger age group. He was slow and never stood a chance. Unlike most of the other parents there, we wanted Logan to be able to do it himself and have fun. We look around and parents are gathering eggs and throwing them in their kids baskets. It was a horrible display of greed I have ever seen. Not only that but other parents were fighting. A brawl just about broke out and I heard the grandmother telling the adults it was not a place for that. It continued out in the parking lot. We just scooped up Logan and got out of there. We see kids leaving and parents carrying baskets overflowing with eggs. It was sad. It was very sad. So Eric and I have decided our goal for next year we will set up an Easter egg hunt for Special Needs Children. Then those kids will be given a chance. 

As you can see he did not end up with much and most of that he can not even have due to allergies. 

Then on our actual Sunday and settling down a bit after a the horrible display of people on Saturday Logan spent the morning in therapy. 
After about 2 hours Logan started feeling really bad and ended up with a fever and the therapist had to leave early. I kept him home from school today and this is what he started his morning off with
This Easter is one to not exactly remember but to help up make a better one next year for my sweet little boy. 


  1. Oh I am so sorry Logan had to go through this that makes me very sad. A church and greed is very sad indeed. I am sure you can do so much more for Logan next year. Take care. Hug B


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