Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Hops and Flowers

I have impatiently waiting for some nice beautiful flowers to bloom but it seems we are behind compared to some other so I am limited on what has bloomed around here. 

Tomorrow we are taking the kids to the zoo for a family day. Maybe I can get some pictures of some pretty blooms then. Most of the pictures that I post on my blog are straight out of the camera with no editing done. 

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  1. Oh the Buttercups are just delightful.

  2. These are lovely - so cheery and bright!

  3. Sunshine yellow and beautiful! All flowers serve a purpose.

  4. AWESOME I never edit either probably in my case to lazy:) Have fun . Hug B

  5. The buttery yellow buttercups are so pretty, as is the dandelion drenched in sun!! Everything here at the jersey shore is starting to wake up and I could not be happier!!

    I am a non-editing snapper as well!!

  6. These are beautiful pictures and made my hoomum smile, thank you for stopping by and following me, mummy is your new follower too. Xxx

  7. Wow! these are absolutely awesome shots! such great focus.

  8. These are all such great shots of your flowers. Especially like how the light is coming through the dandelion seeds. :)


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