Monday, April 28, 2014

Pray For Arkansas

I had planned on writing a post about our wonderful weekend that we enjoyed as a family until last night. 

For days the local news channels and the weather service had been warning individuals of severe weather that was due to arrive Sunday afternoon into the early Monday morning hours. We did what we had to do and got back home to wait out the storms and see what they brought for us. 
The storms missed us but unfortunately approximately 40 miles from our home others were losing theirs.
We were watching the news as these tornadoes hit. Mass casualties, mayflower, vilonia take cover now the storm will be there within 5 minutes and as the reports rolled into the news center you could see the expressions on the meteorologists faces. 

I cant seem to stop looking at the pictures, reading facebook updates and watching the news. Not even 24 hours after the storm. Mother nature shows no mercy to anyone. 

I cant help but sit here and wonder what I can do to help so I thought to myself I can spread the word. Blog about it. Maybe just maybe this will reach others and they will see that Arkansas needs help and prayers. 

Click the links to find out how you can help!! 

The latest that has been reported
16 confirmed dead
This number is expected to rise

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