Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cell Phone Etiquette Tips

I know it is the end of the month but did you know that July is cell phone courtesy month? Sounds funny right? Everywhere you look people are on their phones. Its the normal thing to do but there are some things that go ignored. Like actual social interaction because of these cell phones. Yes I am guilty of carrying one around all the time and not looking where I am going because I am busy texting or just plain ignoring whoever I want and burying my face in my phone. 
There are a few ways to show your phone etiquette out in public or even at home. 

1. When you are at a check out stand, put away your phone! Whether you are the customer or the employee. I can not stand when someone is standing there checking out and they are on their cell phone at the same time. Even worse, when the person who is checking you out stops to text or looks at their phone. I think that is grounds for being fired. No questions asked. Put the phone away. You have a break for a reason. 

2. When you are walking somewhere, stop texting or looking at whatever you are on your phone. I do not think its right for me to move myself out of your way because you are not paying attention to where you are going and you are about to run me or my child over. Its just rude. 

3. Please do not carry on a phone conversation in a public restroom. We are all in their to do our business and not listen to your conversation. Let alone if I have some awful bathroom noises, I do not want you to hear let alone the person your on the phone with to hear. It's just embarrassing. 

4. By all means put away your phone and DRIVE!! Face it we are guilty to some point and yet one thinks we drive just fine while on the phone. Bull Crap. We all suck at it. Our attention is not focused on driving or our surroundings but on the conversation. We drive horribly and are reckless. Same with texting. Never text and drive. I catch myself at a stop light and start texting while sitting there. Still not a good idea. Just wait until you reach your destination. Save your own life and the life of someone else. 

5. If you have to have a phone conversation in public keep it low. No cell phone yelling. Its distracts us. Or try to excuse yourself. Go outside. 

6. Put away the phone while talking to someone. Its just plain rude to start texting someone else while talking to another or even worse, answering a phone call. Talk about a mood killer. "Hey honey, I love you, give me a kiss." "Not until I finish texting so and so oh yeah thanks, love you too." Talk about that being a relationship we all want to be in!!

7. Follow the rules. If you see a place that has a sign that says no cell phones, please put them on silent. Do so. There is a reason. Not just because they are cell phone haters. Who enjoys hearing someones phone go off during a movie? I did not see many hands so I am assuming not very many.

8. I think people should avoid cell phone selfies in public. Just my opinion. I think you look tacky especially if throwing up some stupid sign with you hands or sticking your tongue out or that infamous duck face and by all means, please please please avoid the selfies in the bathroom. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT! You may not be expecting that unexpected photo bomb. It can be from a crazy person in the background or that surprise in or on the toilet. 

9. When out in public choose a decent ringtone. "Let me out" "Let me out" How was I to know that was a ringtone while frantically looking for some trapped person? 

10. You know how you can choose pictures to put on your screen on your phone? Be mindful of that. No inappropriate pictures. You never know who will see your phone by looking over your shoulder or if you sisters kid might grab your phone, you definitely do not want your niece or nephew to see that awesome butt shot you got of your significant other do you?

Do yourself and others a favor and practice cell phone etiquette not only during the rest of July (which is not much, but for every single day of the year)
You might end up having some real--great social interactions with others. Just not with me......

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