Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy HomeMaker Monday 6/28/14 Edition

It is Monday once again and I have failed to post throughout last week. But that is okay. I will make up for it...Or will I? 

Today I am joining in over at Diary Of A Stay at Home Mom for the Happy Homemaker Monday post: 

Breakfast time: Well I am not pointing fingers but someone was not up in time for any breakfast activities. My breakfast is Pepsi. The older boys can fend for themselves and the little one had pop-tarts. He could not wait to get those in his hands yesterday when we went to the grocery store. 

On Todays To Do List: Participate in Logans ABA therapy, gets some blogging done and maybe jump in the pool for a bit. 

The weather outside: HOT HOT HOT!! I live in Arkansas so its HOT--To be fair my weatherbug says it is only 83 outside at the moment and it is noon thirty. We are expecting it to hit 90. Arkansas summers are usually unbearable but this summer has been kind of mild. 

On the Menu this week: Am I a slacker because I do not like to cook? My Mr. Sexy(found this label on another bloggers post so I am stealing it) does most of the cooking. I like to cook in the winter..I am a crock pot addict. Anyway I know we are having stuffed pepper tonight and then Beans from my parents garden Tuesday night. Wednesday I am thinking we might go out to eat somewhere. We hardly ever do that. It would be a nice change. The rest of the week we have NO idea. We need to go grocery shopping by then. 

If I have a few minutes to myself I will: Blog of course or do some crocheting. I had been working on a blanket for the baby that we were expecting but since the miscarriage I have not picked it back up. I think I will work on it this week. It will be Logans blanket if he wants it. He carries one around with him everywhere he goes anyway so maybe he would choose this one to carry. 

In the garden: Tomatoes are still not ripening on our vines and my cucumbers look pitiful. I just dont think we have the right dirt here for it. But on the other end, my parents garden...Its abundant in produce. 

Favorite Photo from Camera:
Logan dove into this ice cream on Saturday. He has never ever even had an interest in ice cream before!! We were so proud of him. Whether he does this again we shall see!!


  1. I love cooking, I can't imagine not doing it LOL Your little Logan is so cute :)

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. What a cutie Logan is - love that ice cream picture! I too soooo love to cook - I have to imagine you've yet to find the recipe that will inspire you to love to cook.

    1. I think the biggest reason I do not like to cook is because at every other job I have had it was always cooking. Blah just get burned out.

  3. Oh I LOVE LOVE that last photo of Logan. Hug B


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