Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dinosaur Footprint Project

Have you noticed that craft projects with younger kids such as toddlers is actually a craft project for the adult that is helping? My son has a craft he does at the end of his therapy sessions and it usually turns into his therapist doing it or today it was me doing it. 

Logan has 4 hours of therapy everyday but Tuesday and Saturday and by the 3rd hour he is just plain ol give out. Especially when he was going to school. He has been out a couple of weeks now and that will be a future post as to why. In order to make it more fun a craft hour was implemented into his therapy which involves puzzles, books and a craft. Well he likes everything but the craft he could care less for. 

He was supposed to do paint and trains yesterday but he had no interest in it. So I found something on pinterest and wanted to see if he would enjoy it. 
Like I said it was us that ended up doing this project.

What you need:
green paint or whatever color you want your dinosaur
black marker
googly eye

As you can see he was not the happiest person in the world to be doing craft time. The finished product is cute though.
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  1. That's a really cute craft! And you're right about it turning into a craft for the adult, too. That's probably why I don't do a ton of crafts with my kids. Which is lame...

  2. Maybe the fun part should be at the start of therapy! What a cute dinosaur. hOpefully that was not your feet in the project! LOL


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