Friday, November 11, 2011

My list of Pros and Cons of Autumn

"I think I am falling for Fall"
Moose from Nick Jr.

This is the shortest lived of the seasons and you have to be quick to catch it. There are good things and there are bad just like every season of the year. Here is a list I have compiled of my pros and cons of the very colorful season.

1. The end of a hot hot summer
2. Ah the rain
3. Beautifully colored leaves
4. Halloween
5. Pumpkins (Jack-o-lanterns)
6. Thanksgiving
7. Perfect photography opportunity
8. My reason to start drinking coffee
9. I can have chili and soup again
10. Perfect hiking weather
11. Beautiful sunsets
12. Birds..Yes birds, I see more hawks this time of the year than any other
13. Candy!!!

1. Leaves, Leaves, Leaves (yes they are beautiful but they are a mess to clean up)
2. Holiday shopping starts
3. Christmas takes over Thanksgiving
4. People start getting grumpy
5. Time change (yes we may gain an hour for that one night but we lose daylight)
    Perfect time for vampires though
6. More darkness brings more depression
7. Leaves, Leave and more leaves

Clearly I have more pros than cons. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. I love hikes out in the woods during this time. Of course Fall and Spring are a close match. I love both seasons. I even love winter..I despise summer!! I can not stand being hot. 
Autumn would be perfect if the leaves would stay their beautiful colors and stay put on the trees. They are nothing but a huge mess. A mess in my yard, my porch, my car and even in my house!!! I have two dogs, a cat, kids, husband and myself. We track in lots of leaves and not matter how much you blow them off or sweep them up they keep coming. Its about time to get the mower out and mulch them up. Its just like mowing in the spring. Twice a week it will need to be done. Much easier than raking. That is for the birds! Meanwhile enjoy some pics from the fall season I have taken.

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