Thursday, November 10, 2011

Red Box Night

"In brightest day, in blackest night. No evil shall escape my sight ,Let all who worship evil’s might. Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!"
Every Wednesday night the husband always rents a movie or two from red box. I bet you can guess what it was that we watched tonight. Ha yes, your correct. It was The Green Lantern. We have been hesitating on whether or not to even bother to rent this movie after reading all the reviews for it. After all Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 4.6/10. That is not even half way decent. I had also been reading friends opinions on the movie and had not seen a one say that this movie was a good one. Then I checked out the ratings on IMBD which is one of my favorite sites to refer to movies, actors and actresses. Packed full of great info. IMBD gave this movie a 6.1/10. Not to bad of a rating so why not go ahead and see for myself. 

First I will give you a little bit of an overview of this movie from my perspective before I tell you what I thought of it. This is based off of DC comics and of course The Green Lanterns are heroic. They help keep the peace in the universe. Each Green Lantern wears a ring that is powered by the imagination and will. After the death of one (alien hero) the ring chose another (Hal, played by Ryan Reynolds) which is of course the beginning of the whole movie. Of course every hero has a villian. Not much more sense in me telling you anymore of the plot you will just have to watch for yourself. 

Now for my grand opinion...I really liked this movie and I would be willing to give it an 8/10. I will say that I do not think that it would be for smaller children considering the villian is kind of scary looking. If your child is sensitive to those things then beware. And of course the costume has to be kind of dorky. The masks?? Why?? It did not work for Zorro or Superman. Its not going to work for the Green Lantern. I just never understood the point of covering up a little bit of your eyes and your cheekbones and expecting that to pass as a disguise. You can still tell who the person is if you look close enough. At least he is not in a cape. Those capes could catch on anything. Anyways enough of my nitpicking. I enjoyed this movie and the action was enough to keep my attention focused (which is a great thing). 

If your looking for a movie to rent or to add to your DVD/Blue Ray collection I do recommend The Green Lantern

 "He said the ring chose me. He said its a great honor. Responsibility" 
Internet Movie Database
Red Box


  1. It was pretty good, kinda shallow, the story moved to fast and didn't get deep enough to really involve the watcher like some great movies can do. But for a fun, light snack this was a very enjoyable movie. Superman was a backwards hero however when it comes to disguises. Superman was the real person, while Clark Kent was the disguise. And instead of a mask it was just a pair of glasses. Almost every other superhero it's the other way around, the "superhero" persona is in disguise. But he still wore tights and a silly costume. Of course it would be foolish to ever make fun of him for his face...or in his hearing...or his sight....sooooo... pretty much nowhere.

  2. I completely agree w/your rating. I saw it in the theater fully expecting not to like it, but I did. Blake Lively was lovely in it. I also saw it in 3D so some of the scenes were pretty awesome. It kept my attention enough for me to ignore it was freezing in the theater too.


  3. A movie capturing my interest and keeping my attention is a huge accomplishment. Kind of like a good book on my part. If it doesn't capture me within the first few chapters, I hang it up!


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