Wednesday, November 9, 2011



Yes I realize this post about Halloween is a little tiny bit late, well I started my blog late. I wanted to share with you my children's Halloween celebration over the weekend. I was able to have my two oldest over that weekend but not all of my kids. It happens that way at times. This was my 8months old sons first Halloween and I was not going to pass up the opportunity to take him out trick or treating. I realize he can't really eat the candy but I wanted to enjoy the experience. My son loves people and loves getting out so this was the perfect time to do such a thing. On Saturday I decided to take all three of the kids trick or treating at the Frisco Station Mall. Nothing big but hey its something. Afterwards we attended a small carnival with Games and rides. Logan got to play his very first ever carnival game, of course with the help of his big sister.  The kids really enjoyed this and had a blast. I am so thankful I have children that are not greedy and do not need the huge things in their lives to make them happy.

"If you see a spider on this night, it could be the spirit of a dead loved one watching you"

The two older kids went home on Sunday, but that did not stop me from taking Logan out on Monday night.  I was joined by Logan's God Parents, his uncle John and Aunt Kim. I thank them a ton for tagging a long. Logan even had his very first sucker :-) Butterscotch flavored. 

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  1. Fun Images Looked like a great Time!

  2. It was! And Thank you. The kids had a great time.


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