Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Adventures in Puppy Training

"First you learn a new language, profanity; and second you learn not to discipline your dogs when you're mad, and that's most of the time when you're training dogs." Lou Shultz

 Meet Rocky. Not sure his exact breed but I am sure he has pit bull in him. Not sure of his exact age but I do know he is young just by looking at his teeth and he still has that unforgettable, unmistakable puppy breath. Rocky came to join our household one week and one day ago. He was covered in fleas, dirty, ears were filthy, bloated with worms and very shy and scared. I have a huge love for dogs and anyone with a heart or soul can not resist big beautiful puppy eyes or that puppy breath. This pup needed a home and I was more than willing to try my hand out in the puppy thing. I knew my husband would be a little upset about bringing a new dog into the house so I waited until I got him and on my way home before I told him.. I also did this through text. I did not ask I just told him. He was okay with it once he seen him. (Goody)

So I get this big boy home and clean him up and get flea after flea off of him. Poor dog. He ended up having three baths within just a few days. Luckily with all that hard work I managed to make sure he is flea free and of course I can't forget the flea and tick meds I put on him. Thanks to my mother she lent me a crate to help with this whole potty training business and also to keep him from destroying or eliminating himself all over the house while we are gone. So we are home, he is introduced to the family and to Mable of course. We cant leave out our six year old basset hound. She likes him (at first) they play and get along pretty well and the first night of puppy training went over pretty smoothly.

First couple of days went as expected and very smooth then I guess when this pup got settled in I swear he turns me into the devil! I forgot how hard it was to potty train a puppy. I wish every puppy came already potty trained. Life would be much easier and there probably would not be as many homeless little or big doggies out there. I find myself cussing this poor puppy every step we both make towards the door after every accident and it seems those are getting more frequent. I blocked off the whole living room so that was the only room he would have access to so I could keep my constant eye on this sneaky little devil dog. Well once again he did good (for just a little bit). 

The common signs to watch for when a puppy has to go potty are as follows:
1. The puppy will circle and whimper
2. The puppy will sniff floors
3. Puppy will need to go out after eating and after sleep
4. Generally as a rule the puppy will not soil the place where they sleep

I guess I'm going to have to learn to read all the opposite signs of this?? Rocky will not circle or whimper. He wags his tail and just pees where he is at. I have not seen this dog sniff the floor one bit except to find some food, he would rather eat, play. sleep and then potty (If Im lucky). Rocky likes to pee in his crate. Grrr!!! What gives?  I realize it has only been one week but you would think he would start getting the hang of this thing and not give you that doggie grin while peeing on the floor. I think that is what makes me the most angry. I am beginning to think he likes to upset me and push my buttons, just like a child. So he goes to his crate if he does not potty outside..Now this is a whole other nightmare. This pup slams himself back and forth in the crate causing it rock back and forth and he cries and cries. I need the Dog Whisperer. Czear, where are you????

When this dog is not being such a pain in my rear he is fun. He does the normal puppy thing and he runs circles around the coffee table, plays really well with the kids and pesters Mable. Mable of course is not a fan of this home invader.  He is a good companion for Justin when he is out working in the garage, nice company for me and a decent foot warmer and not to mention a great guard dog. I have faith he will be the perfect dog if I can just keep my patience and my profanity to a minimum or he may kill me by driving me insane. Have you ever wondered why we drive ourselves mad for some satisfaction? Hmm...another topic for another day. 
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I wonder how many times I say no in one day??


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