Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mid Week Re-Cap

This week has been eventful to say the least. More eventful than usual... Of course all of the events revolve around Logan. 
He had an appointment with his Ear Nose Throat doctor on Tuesday. At least I think it was Tuesday. 
My days just seem to run together. Anyway the conclusion is my son has to have his tonsils, adenoids removed and another set of tubes put in. Logan's ears were clear at this appointment but since the tubes have fallen out Logan has had chronic ear infections. That is why the decision for the adenoids was made. Then the doctor looked at his tonsils. Logan has not had any issues with strep throat but his tonsils are big! His are a 3+

Since Logan has disturbed sleep and snores often we have made the decision to remove his tonsils as well. 
I am terrified of this. I know it is a simple and routine procedure that doctors do everyday. But my son is not a "normal" kid. He will not eat the recommended foods after the surgery. His better part of the day is spent yelling. That is the way he communicates or shows his emotions. Last time he was put under for his MRI his blood pressure dropped. I am just scared. I know it will be best for him in the future but I hate to see him suffer. I have a bad feeling he will be in pain. 

A new line therapist(for ABA) started this week. Logans regular therapists last day is today. I have a good feeling about the new therapist but I know it will take Logan a bit to get used to her. She has only been here twice with the other therapist here as well. I guess we will find out Sunday how it goes. It will be the first day she is on her own with Mr. Logan. 

Since the storms moved through on Sunday it has been pretty cool outside. Not so hot and not so cold. It has made perfect weather for my two huskies. They have been enjoying the temps and the sunshine. 
One thing, since our yard gets flooded when it rains we get tons of mud bugs or crawdads in our yard. These two love to dig them up and eat them and roll around on them. They smell to high heaven! Bath time and tooth brushing in the future!! (Zuri has been done, it will be Lokis turn soon)

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and the upcoming weekend. 


  1. I hope everything goes well for the procedure. As moms, even if it's a routine procedure, we tend to worry. Thoughts & prayers for you.

  2. I agree. Even "routine" is nerve wracking! Prayers for a speedy recovery for Logan and Momma too!


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