Monday, May 12, 2014

Good, Random and Fun

This past weekend was of course Mothers Day and it has been all over the blogging world. It was not a huge deal here at my household. It never really is. My oldest daughter was on the road from a vacation she took with her dad to Disney World. My oldest step son was off with his mother but yet hanging out with his cousins. The day was spent visiting my mother (surprise visit)! To me those are the best. The unplanned. I of course was told I could do whatever I wanted because the day was about me. That did not turn out well. I have a hard time thinking about myself. I live for satisfying my family. To see them happy makes me happy so we just went with the flow.

The Good
We saved a life! We found this little girl under our house. We then took in the little girl and the mamma and fattening up mamma. 
So far the little girl seems to be doing well!

The Random
Here is a random shot I took with my camera. I was in the truck and we were stopped in traffic for just a second. Was not the best shot but kind of neat

The Fun
The fun was left up to my honey. Fun for me is getting to use my camera (even though I am not the best at it) but the physical fun was had by Eric and him going to the shooting range. 
haha I almost got hit by flying shell casings!

Joing the Fun 


  1. I think your photos are great! You should give yourself more credit Melissa! I joined the blog hop by the way! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great post this one...touched my heart about the little girl you took under your wing...blessings to you.


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