Thursday, May 15, 2014

Just Tired But Still Smiling!

I am so tired today! My son did not go to school today and I forgot to turn off my alarm. I still woke up at 6:30 and just could not get myself back into a sleep mode. Logan ended up waking up around 8 or so. Lucky me I got to have a few text exchanges between Logans birth father and myself. I hope one day he will understand autism. Until then I will just have to keep preaching to him it seems. Logan goes for his surgery on Tuesday and his birth father has decided he wants to be present. This is fine and all but why after he has not been to see Logan since December? Why now? Logan needs routine and someone in his life regular and not to have a man that shows up whenever he can which is not often and at the worse of times. This is not only stressful for Logan but for everyone who participates in his care. His doctors, therapists, school teachers ets..I have no idea how much more I can explain this to his birth father. He just doesnt seem to understand. There is more to it but I spare you all the details. Unless I am asked of course. 

Anyways on to the happy part of the day! It so feels like it is the start of the weekend on my part. I do not know why I am hurrying it along. Logan has surgery Tuesday and he had a pre-op today. My son will have his tonsils and adenoids removed and another set of tubes put in. Needless to say I double checked with the ENT today to make sure he really needs this surgery and he told me it was very reasonable to be doing it so onward we go to slice and dice :-) I am trying to be humorous. I am really scared to death. I do not think I would be so nervous about it if he was "normal" but being autistic I think it may be more rough than anticipated or he could just surprise us all. 

We also stopped and got Logans new shoes with the build up and the new orthotics (the ones his physical therapist said he did not need) and after that we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings! I have never been there and it was my first time eating there. I have to say it was pretty good and will write a better post just about that in the future. 

I have thought I would give it a go and participate in the Family Photo Friday hop over at Thursdays Child
It is difficult for everyone to get into photos at once considering someone has to be holding the camera. I have decided to post pictures of what smiles we got today! We may not all be in ONE photo but we are in numerous, separately. 
 Yes our furbabies are family as well. Loki, Missy and Zuri
 Hey at least his finger was NOT in his nose

This was us today! The oldest was gone at a band concert for highschool graduation. WTF?? A graduation on a weekday?? Who knew?

Family Photo Friday @ Thursday's Child, Friday's Thoughts


  1. Lots of pictures to record your day. I love that the dogs feature too! Welcome aboard, thanks for linking up to #familyphotofriday

    1. Ps if you tweet me @oneformybaby12 I'll be able to include you in my tweets about your post!

    2. If only I understood twitter :-)

  2. I love the one with his finger nearly up his nose - made me giggle! #familyphotofriday


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