Monday, May 19, 2014

The Good, The Random and The Fun

The Good?? 
The sun is shining bright today!! Oh finally and not a cloud in sight. According to weatherbug we are going to have sun shine all week!! Oh finally. I just hope we can enjoy it. Tomorrow my baby boy has his tonsils taken out :-( The not so good

The Random??
Today has been a Rod Stewart day. I was cleaning the house and had the radio blaring and a Rod Stewart came on and just got me in the mood for more. I am on youtube and downloading more music for my phone!

The Fun??
Logan and I dancing around!! I know he will not feel well for awhile after tomorrow so we are going to make this day fun and he loves to dance so what better way to dance than to dance with his momma!! 

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  1. Maybe if I'd listed to Rod I would start cleaning too. :) Good luck with the tonsils.

    1. Thank you! I am scared to death for him. And then I feel guilty because I am knowingly putting him through some pain :-(

  2. Good luck for Logan tomorrow!!

  3. Logan is going to be just fine I had both my girls getting their tonsils out at the same time and they were four years apart I was scared but it worked out fine have faith and keep dancing I love Rod Stewart. Hugs to Logan and you. Hug B

  4. We have a Logan too :) Good luck to your Logan with his tonsils! And love the Rod Stewart! -Meredith (via Meandering Mondays)

  5. I am enjoying the sunshine too!


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