Thursday, September 4, 2014

Guys, Stay Away From The Skinny Jeans!

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Pick a fashion trend you love and a fashion trend you hate. Win us over!

Oh what a challenge to write about for sure!!
I am not a fashion person at all. I go with what I like and what is comfortable. 
Right now I am into the Super hero t-shirt fad oh and of course the Big Bang Theory shirts! 
So far I have Batman shirts, Wolverine and a couple of Big Bang Theory. I guess you could say I am somewhat of a geek. Oh and Yoga pants! I thought I would hate them but guess what? I love them! They are so comfortable. I am just a bit self conscious about them because of panty lines! EEk and I am not a butt floss wearer. 

Got them ALL

A fashion fad I do not like
Especially on guys. Yeah this is just not right. 
What makes it worse for the girls, if they are not skinny to begin with and try to fit themselves in these jeans to hip. Please don't do this. 


  1. My fashion no no was also guys in skinny jeans! Ha!
    Oh and also I need that Bazinga t-shirt.. Its awesome!

  2. I like to be comfortable too. I wear mainly t-shirts and jeans. Not skinny jeans.

  3. I love tee shirts and jeans. Like you, I don't like skinny jeans. My girls love to shop the boy/men section of any store, just so they can get nice graphic tee's. Like Marvel shirts. They have a huge collection and I have been banned from wearing any. :)


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