Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This Can't Possibly Be Me

I am pretty open about myself and my life so there is not many facts I "hide" from my readers. I am not fake at all and real as can be, or at least I try to be. This post is a bit more difficult to write. 

Most people don't know this but..............
I have 3 kids I gave birth to, and 3 baby daddys. No, I am not ashamed. 

I am a pessimist! Hardcore. I always think something bad is going to happen. 

I have a touch of OCD--My house has to be clean. You can walk in and not be able to tell I have 4 boys occupying my house. 

I am a wanna be crafter- I try but have no imagination so I rely on pinterest

I have a hard time with empathy--This is according to my Mr. Sexy. I think I have empathy towards certain things, just not for wussiness??

I like to think I do not like to cuddle.......Mr. Sexy says I love to.

Anger? I do have a quick temper. Most times (in my age) I can control it pretty easily. When it comes to my kids....Yeah you will release the spawn of satan!

What are some things we dont know about you? 

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  1. Replies
    1. Well I think I have it. But I dont when the old man says hes sick and he barely is and lays in bed for two days. But If I get sick...Hahaha yeah thats another story.

  2. Sometime empathy can be a tough thing for me to have, especially with my children. Guess, I my expectations exceed what they are capable of at times.

    1. I tell them to suck it up and go on. lol

  3. When I was kid, I used to try to wear my socks as many days in a row as possible so I could collect the "toe jam" (you know the socks fuzzies between your toes) and then smell it. Yeah....That sounds pretty weird....Smells have always held me captive. lol Disclaimer: I don't do that anymore.

    1. Thats weird ;-) crazy confession. I like that.


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