Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tales of Travel

Ah tales of travel. 
I for one have not traveled hardly at all! We never did growing up. We never had these elaborate family vacations. We spent our time at home. Most times working. That's all my parents did. 

The first trip I went on almost destroyed my life. That was my almost 2 years living in Denver Colorado back in 2005 I loved it there but like I said it almost destroyed everything. I came back home to go ol' Arkansas (insert sarcasm) Sorry no pics for this one. 

My first time ever on a plane, May 2009! It was not the planned vacation. We had intended on Cancun Mexico. The swine flu broke out so that was no longer a go. (Trip was paid for by my ex's place of employment) They sent us to Miami Florida. We stayed at the Fontainebleau Hotel for 5 nights. That was a bit to long to be gone from home. I was crying by day 3. Everything was ridiculously expensive but I did enjoy the sites. Yes, I do have pictures of this trip. It was a lot of firsts. 
View from our room
What was going on at the hotel? Regis and Kelly was being filmed all week while we were there. Celebrities, and paparazzi everywhere and security. This is when I discovered Kelly Ripa is a snob. She was surrounded by body guards and security and hardly spoke to anyone. Regis on the other hand was walking around with his wife with no security or body guards and giving everyone hugs! I have never been a fan of Kelly Ripa since then, but adore Regis!
The Ocean

Just a part of the hotel and one of the pools

Who can visit Florida without going to Sea World or in our case we went to Miami Seaquarium

The most recent trip that Mr. Sexy and I took was to the beautiful Eureka Springs Arkansas in 2013. We took a weekend trip and it was around Valentines Day
This greeted us in our room

We visited the famous Crecent Hotel which was featured on the awesome show The Ghost Hunters. At this Hotel they caught what they called the holy grail of apparitions. 
This is what they caught on video. This is the therma cam.

We of course had to take the tour and take some pics of the place.
This was my 3rd time there, Mr. Sexy's first

 Possible Orb?? 

The next day we went horseback riding! Where we stayed was a beautiful place to stay. I highly recommend Pond Mountain Lodge

And you can not go to Eureka Springs without visiting Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

We have every intention on going back and actually staying at the refuge. They offer rooms right there. How awesome. Spend the night with the big cats! 

There you go. My tales of travel. I have not traveled much but what I have done remains in my memories and always will. The smaller one to Eureka means more to me than the one to Miami Florida. That trip had tears involved. The one to Eureka had none. 

Where have you traveled?

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  1. Oooo, I knew it. Kelly Ripa being a snob, that is. I am really glad you have had a chance to do some traveling.

  2. Ooh... this is one interesting travel story that I highly enjoyed. it looks like you had fun and those pictures are nice. Great post!


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