Saturday, September 13, 2014

Married But Living With My Boyfriend

I have been struggling with myself on whether or not to participate in today's prompt: What is your relationship status?  

I know how people can be judgmental and in the blog world I am sure there are a lot of these type of people, or those who just do not understand. So do I really want to put myself out there for the judgment to be passed? Lose readers due to my life decisions? I guess that will be up to you, my readers. I struggled whether to post about my relationship or not afraid of the decisions people will make. Then I think, why should I care? It is my life, if I choose to let it out I will and I am..and if you choose to not follow me or continue reading my blogs that is up to you. I know I am a good person and that is what matters. 

My relationship status is--I'm married but yet I live with my boyfriend. 

If you have read my About Me page you will see that I am not great in the relationship field. I have been married 3 times. I was 16 when I married the 1st time. The last marriage and the one I am currently in happened in 2008 mainly for legal reasons. Its a very long story and I really do not want to get into that much detail. We had our son together, Logan who is Autistic. Some people are cut out to be special needs parents and some aren't and I hate to say it, but his father really is not that person. Things happen, marriage fell apart and there was no putting it back together, no fault of just his or just mine but fault of us both. (mostly him)

During the troubled times and me mentioning counseling (which he refused) I met my now, boyfriend. Eric who I refer to as my (Mr. Sexy).  To make an even longer story short, we live together. No I am not divorced because. 1) I can not afford it 2) he wont pay for one. 

I care for our son but in my eyes Logans daddy is my Mr. Sexy. Logans birth-father, the one I am currently married to has not seen his son since December. He has one time. For 3 hours. That is it. He may text once every two weeks to see how he is doing. I get how is Logan doing? I reply with Fine and that is the extent of our conversation. 
One day I hope to be divorced once I save up the funds. I did try to do that one thing online where you pay like 100 for an uncontested divorce but he does not agree to my terms. 

Anyways that's my relationship status, married but living with my boyfriend. He is my best friend, the one I confide in, we laugh together, we get silly, we fight, we make up, we go to bed together every night at the same time, we are a real family and he supports me. Never in my string of relationships and marriages have I ever had anyone let me be myself and love me for me and my bitchiness! I love my Mr. Sexy even if we are not married on paper. In our hearts we are!

No matter what kind of relationship it is, it always needs both sides to survive.


  1. Wow, sounds like a pickle! Life is so messy. I wish it were more cookie cutter at times. Then that might just be boring. Haha. I hope you guys get enough money saved to finalize a divorce and get custody of your son - if you don't already. :)

  2. Officially speaking we both have custody. But he lives with me 100% of the time. He would have one heck of a fight trying to get custody. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  3. First, let me applaud you for being brave enough to put it all out there. I didn't even want to write about mine. I am married, for 24 years. It's not perfect. Believe it or not I would feel more comfy talking to you, someone I don't really know about things than my own friends/neighbors. I like to say we are happy/ complicated. When you are raising an autistic kid, you gotta have great support. I know because my youngest is autistic. :) I hope someday you can get that divorce.

  4. I think there are very, very few couples out there who fall into a completely non-complicated box. Being happy is the most important thing! :)


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