Monday, July 1, 2013

Accident Waiting To Happen Perhaps?

My son is a dare-devil. That is the only word I can come up with. He absolutely has no fear of anything, except Max the tax guy. Those are seriously creepy commercials. 
I had been reading stories already this summer about children drowning in pools and it was an accident. I of course being a mother did not understand how such a thing could happen. How could a parent not know when their child disappears and gets in the pool. I said this until today. My son got away from me and was up on that ladder quicker than I could get there. He did not fall in. I got there in time but now I see how it can be so easy. I had to remove the ladder from the pool completely. This did not stop him. He was trying his hardest to find a way into it. My mom sent me in the house to get something for her and she was right by my son and she looked the opposite direction and he was back on that ladder again. 
I am sorry to all those parents that their children have had those unfortunate accident. My hear does break for you because it can happen in a second and nothing you can do can stop it. 
I am not so sure if this is part of my sons autism that makes him so presistant, stubborn and fearless or just being a normal two year old. My girls never were this brave. 

If my son could do this I would not worry so much
There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this. Some people going as far as considering it child abuse. I, myself think this is amazing and wants me to try to get Logan into swimming classes. This is coming from a mother who does not know how to swim. These are skills everyone should know. I applaud the parents of this child or any parent that teaches their kids so young. Just amazing.  

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