Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Late Bus and Thomas The Train

The last couple of days have been pretty un-eventful, which is the way I like it! Tuesday morning Logans bus to school was late. They are supposed to let us know if they are to be more than 20 minutes but of course we did not get that call and Logan and Eric were getting very impatient.

So Eric asks the person on the bus, not the driver but the one who buckles all the kids in if she could call us...Her short snappy answer, no, I dont have service on my phone. What??? What sense does this make?
So we call the director and get the response "I will have a talk with them". 
Almost 20 minutes late today as well with no call. I guess I will just make it the new time he will get picked up from now on. I do not want to cause a fuss over 20-30 minutes. Now if I can convince Eric the same we will be good.

Today was wal-mart day and it is Logans favorite place to be. Now one of Logans obsessions is Thomas the Train. He loves him. I have been seeing the pillow pals for sale at $25 but have been eyeing them over the last couple of weeks and the price dropped to $10. I had to get it before there were no more. 

I think he approved. I could tell by his smile and his happy yelling!

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