Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday/Last Day To Enter Giveaway

Another Monday. I have been neglecting my blog for the last week but I will get to that in another post as to why. It is for a good reason. Good thing I dont have a lot going on in my blogging world to have to play catch up. 

The Weather... Right now it is a nice 82 degrees here in Arkansas. Very Very unusual for July! Last year we were above 100. Makes me wonder what the winter will bring. Going my history and patterns it will or can be I should say, a bad winter. 

Right Now I Am...Sitting in my spot on my couch and have a dogs paw stuck in my upper back. My dog Missy (chihuahua) likes to sit on top of the couch directly behind me. 

On My Reading Pile...I am not much of one to read. I do read a lot of internet articles so the tabs open on my computer are some tutorials on some bracelets I am putting together. 

On My T.V...Right now, Borderlands 2 is being played. The oldest boy claims he has not gotten to play the xbox 360 much on his own lately so he wanted to play while his dad is at work and before he takes it over.

What I found While Surfing The Net...As I mentioned above I am searching for tutorials on bracelets and came across this awesome site with over 26,000 patterns for bracelets. The site is

Whats On The Menu For This Week...Chicken, Chicken and more Chicken

On My To-Do-List...My most dreaded chore, laundry!!

Looking Forward To This Week...Nothing spectacular going on around here

Looking Around The House...Man I need to sweep something awful. Guess that goes on the to-do-list

From The Camera...Unfortunately I have not broke out the camera at all for awhile but always taking pictures from my phone. Here is Logan waiting for the bus this morning. He got super excited when he seen her pulling up the drive this morning. 

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  1. Thanks for visiting my little blog. I will have to check out that website for bracelets, I think my daughter would love to see it. Have a good week.


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