Friday, July 19, 2013

Autism Bracelet??

Here lately I have been having an un-accomplished feeling, like I have done absolutely nothing. Yeah, that feeling sucks. 
My SO and I have thought about starting a riding group where we raise money for the local special schools around in our area that are dedicated to autism. My son attends one of these schools. It is slow going. Finding other people who want to be involved is not an easy task, so we are just going to tackle things on our own. 

First things first. We have thought about selling something that is geared towards awareness. 
Since I have had this feeling of un-accomplishedness (yes a Melissaism) I decided to make a bracelet. You remember the ones we would make in school for our friends? Im not very talented so I thought I would try this again after many years of not doing it and just adding puzzle piece charms to it. Here is the finished product. It only took me about two hours to do it. Not long at all.

Hmm I wonder if anyone would want to buy something like this for the proceeds to go to a great cause? Helping our local schools and organizations for autism. 
I actually ended up wearing this as an anklet. To big for me as a bracelet. I have small wrists.

If you would be interested in checking out the facebook page for Arkansas Riders for Autism you can check it out HERE


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  1. Hi form new follower fomr the blog hop! I haven't made one of those bracelets n years. Very cool. I eckon they would sell :-)

  2. Cute bracelet! Have you thought of making earrings with those adorable charms? That wouldn't take long at all to make a bunch for an event.

    ♥ aquariann
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