Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Nifty Pinterest Find For The Ipad or Iphone User

I was happy to get on my blogger dashboard this morning or afternoon, and see that things have come back to normal. I hated that one blog at a time and not even being able to click view more and see other posts. I panicked. I read forums and seen suggestions on how to fix it and when those all failed I went and opened up a bloglovin. I of course have no followers but myself. If you would follow me there. I would be ever so grateful and of course return the favor. My Bloglovin' Also while I am asking for follows for things you will see in my sidebar my blog facebook page. Please like it also. The more likes the more I can accepted for product reviews on Tomoson. 

I ran across a pin on pinterest in my late night browsing. If you consider 10p.m. late. I thought it was quite interesting. 
I am new to the ipad world. So I am confused on how to use a lot of things on it. I am of course a loyal Android OS user. Have been for years and getting my hands on an ipad, I am totally lost. But the thing is my sons so I have to do something on it. 
I have not been able to go through the entire list but have tried two of the things and they have worked. Well mostly. 
1. Make it more comfortable to type in thumb mode. This is awesome because have you ever tried to type on an ipad like you do on a phone. I tried and it is frustrating and I have a lot of errors. 
The first part says to swipe two fingers across the keyboard. For some reason that did not work for me. I had to do the second option. I had to press the dock and merge button on the bottom right hand corner of the keyboard and there I was. I was in thumb mode! 

Then I have skipped down to number 6. Take a selfie using earbuds. If you have earbuds that is compatible with iphone or ipad and it has a remote to control volume on them you can take a selfie. All you have to do is get in the camera mode with the buds plugged in and click. There you have a selfie with no arms. I had to test it. I am not posting the picture of myself doing it. I was making a goofy face lol. 
 Showing Eric how it works. Love his face
The ipad does not seem to take very good pictures..

Showing the oldest son how it works (Sean) his face makes me laugh too. 

I have not tried the rest of the stuff on the list. If you have what has worked for you or did you already know it? Feel free to follow me on pinterest and pin the pin yourself. Have some fun with some selfies. 

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  1. I thought it was my computer causing all the Blogger problems, not letting me see the blogs I follow. I was glad to see it back to normal!

  2. I think I missed these issues but glad you finally got it all sorted! Thanks so much for linking up with #MMWBH xx


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