Monday, June 9, 2014

A Rainy Happy Homemaker Monday

It is the beginning of a new week and hope all my readers had a fabulous weekend. Our weekend was pretty plane and boring due to the fact of the rain, rain and oh, MORE RAIN! I am ready for some sunshine and drying out time. My yard is a swamp and my drive is a mud pit. Its just nasty out there. 

Anyways I am joining up with Diary of A Stay at Home Mom for Happy Homemaker Monday. Feel free to browse and join in as well. As always new followers and sweet comments are welcome. 

As I look outside my window:
Well right now there is not any rain but it gloomy and cloudy. Enough to disgust you. 

Right now I am:
Trying to make amends where they need to be and not hold grudges against others. Life it to short to stay mad all the time or to let that idiotic person get on my last nerves. 

Thinking and pondering:
Trying to come up with creative ways to avoid meltdowns when its time for Logan to give up his IPAD. I have been setting a timer and he can see it and when time is up its "my turn". The first time worked well. He got mad but handed it right to me then ran off to his room to have a fit for 5 minutes then came out to play. The second time he tried to put more time on the timer when I showed him he only had 15 minutes left. Then when it was "my turn" he went into a total tantrum. RIGHT NOW daddy is playing ball with him and working on signing for "ball"

On my bedside table
As always my clipboard for taking notes and my crossword puzzle book

On my t.v. this week:
Since it is the summer its all re-runs so we have no t.v. schedule set up. Every night at 6 we watch an hour of Big Bang Theory and maybe the news. That is the only thing set in stone at the moment. The Walking Dead can not be here soon enough. 

Listening to:
The news is on t.v. and they are saying something about higher milk prices. Tell me about it! We need a cow in our backyard. $4.50 for a gallon of milk. Just ridiculous.

On the menu:
HAHA I do not really plan out our meals. I am not the cook anyways. One thing I know I do want this week is a good pot roast. That will come Thursday, maybe.
Find the recipe that I will be using HERE

On my to do list:
Tons of things!! Mainly this week I want to focus on my blog for once. I want to look into more ways to get it out there and noticed as well as trying to figure out these html codes. I need some more gadgets and stuff. If I can stay concentrated on it this week. I am hoping but I do get distracted easily. 

Happening this week:
Logans ABA therapy starts all over this week. His consultant had everything totally messed up. We are starting fresh and I am so excited to see what new things are going to happen and how it will happen. 

What I am creating:
I think this goes along with on my to do list. Refer to that :-)

My simple pleasure:
I love eating in bed watching t.v. I have not been able to do that in awhile. 

Looking around the house:
Dogs are playing, kid is crying, older kid on the computer and my house is pretty darn clean if I say so myself :-)

From the camera:

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  1. It's hard not to hold grudges or let some people or things get to us, but it really is best to try and not let it affect our lives :)

    I love the little puppy, oh my goodness, how sweet.

    Sorry I am only now getting to come by, I'm in the middle of the move and don't always have time to get on the computer. Hope you have a wonderful week :)


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