Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Baby Book Milestones

You all know that special baby book you get for your newborn or the one not born yet? You excitedly can not wait to get your hands on it and start filling it out. I have done this with each one of my 3 children. My oldest had a winnie the pooh baby book. My middle child I did a scrapbook. Did everything on my own and had a very enjoyable time doing to. I loved recording all their firsts. 

I got my sons before he was born. I found it at a truck load sale. Not a very special one but special enough for me. I was excited about getting started. To begin with you have a section all about mom and dad. You should see my side compared to his dads side. Then you have a section to write about our parents .                Mine


Oh well I can get over that just fine. It's filling in the milestones that start to get me a little down. I am sure I am not the only autistic parent that may feel this way. We still have blanks in there and Logan is 3. He has yet to hold his own spoon, go to potty, stop wearing diapers, sang a song, first animal sound, first word and favorite playmates. What can I do though? I will not sit here and feel sorry for myself or him. My son and I are working very hard on trying to get all these milestones met. It may be later than most but he is more special than most. Maybe I am just bias. He may not be able to speak a single word but there are many other things he can do that children who can speak can not do.  Those are the things we shall focus on. 

As I was typing up this blog I realized something. The front cover of this baby book is of noah's ark My grandmother passed away back in March. It was not an easy passing for me to handle. My Grandmother loved Logan. She would be so proud of how intelligent he is. I was going through her belongings after she passed and found a noah's ark she had constructed by hand. I feel a connection. I told you at the beginning, that this baby book was nothing really special and I could have bought a much more nice one at the store or something but I seen it at a truckload sale and just had to get it. I feel there is something there but maybe I am crazy. But I can believe and it makes my heart feel better. 

Us autism parents, those milestones feel like a huge thing to us. It does hurt our hearts when we see that our children are behind but we also see our children excel in other ways. We are happy for every single progression they make. Love to you all and stay strong! 


  1. Great post and so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Every milestone is important no matter when the child reaches it, something to be proud of for sure! I get a little sad, too, when filling out those milestone sections. Thanks for sharing this and wishing you a great week!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I usually do not dwell on the my son meeting the milestones late. Every now and then I will have a feel sorry for me moment but they quickly end and then we focus on the task at hand.

  2. This post touched my heart. My 5th child is now 30 years old. She is autistic, has Asperger's and intellectual disabilities. She is fun, very gifted in some areas and pretty independent. This is not meant to be a commercial, but I want to tell you I published a book about our 30 years on this journey. Lots of humor, some tears and always honesty. I think you would enjoy it. Title: Not Different Enough. Amazon or B&N online. Paperback or e-book. Stay strong and enjoy your little guy. It is all worth it.


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