Friday, June 6, 2014

Lets Talk Pinterest

Pinterest has become a routine in my world. I find myself pinning away at night in bed, on my phone, while trying to fall asleep. I catch myself saying to many people "I found it on pinterest" But how many of the things that I have pinned have I actually tried?? Not many. I have had some success with what I do pin but have also had some fails. 
This little glow in the dark bubbles does not work! In case you are wondering which one it is, this is the one you cut open glow sticks and dump the solution into the bottle and your supposed to come up with glow in the dark bubbles. NOPE does NOT work!
Another fail was terra cotta pots made into a makeshift small heater
I went and bought all the supplies because we had a rough winter and our power had went out. We had no way to heat. I thought if anything I could set this up in a bedroom and everyone gather in there to stay warm. Fail!! It did not work. Plus side I got some extra tea light candles for my oil burners and pots to plant my day lily in . 

Not everything has been a fail, I have had some success with the pins I have took an interest in. Mainly the recipes because I get so side tracked that I dont have time to try out the rest. (I need to remedy that.) Here are some recipes I recommend trying. Pinterest did not fail me here!

Liquid Skittles Yummy!! If you like sweet and dont really like the taste of alcohol this is for you. I loved it!
Pot Roast, this particular one has got to be one of my favorites by far! 

Pinterest has also helped me indulge in some of my wants! If I won the lottery pinterest has inspired me to hope for these
I am realistic, I know I will never be able to afford a piece like this without hitting the jackpot but I can dream! 
I am not a fan of taking baths. I prefer showers but with this in my house I am sure I would be spending a ton of time in the tub!

Pinterest is also handy for finding out some of those life hacks that we never knew about. I have a special board for this called Good To Know if you wan to check it out. Learn how to build an emergency fund, kill ants, half recipes, and What foods are toxic to dogs. Very handy in my household. 

No matter what experience you have had with pinterest such as fails or complete success you have to admit, it sure is fun pinning your heart out! 

Now that I have said my piece on pinterest and shared some of my pins on my post how about joining up over at 5 minutes For Mom. Here it is Pin it Friday where you share your favorite pinterest pins and browse other bloggers favorite ones as well! Lets all get inspired shall we?

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  1. I have only been to Pinterest a few times thanks for the update. I guess I am not missing too much:) I do hope you win the lottery and get that cool tat and the tub. Hug B

    1. It would be awesome :-) I love pinterest due to the recipes. I usually forget what I pin because I am on the verge of dreamland!

  2. Can I get in that tub please?


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