Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Home-Maker Monday 6/23/14

This weekend marked the official beginning of Summer. So far this summer has actually been mild for Arkansas in June. It is usually so hot its unbearable but we have barely even seen 90 degree temps. We spent all weekend in the pool! What a way to celebrate the beginning of summer. Even though I had no idea it was the official start until I seen another bloggers post about it. Thank you for the reminder. 

It is another Monday so therefore another Happy Home Maker hosted by Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. You can catch her blog HERE

Now onto it we go! 
As I look outside my window I do not see much lol. I am actually sitting in my bedroom and the window is blacked out. But I have been outside today and it is an overcast day and the weather is calling for a slight chance of rain. 
Right now I am typing up this post(that is a given) eating on some Vienna Sausages and cheddar cheese. I am not really hungry I just have to make sure that I do eat. After all I am now carrying precious cargo! I am also chatting on facebook and venting about my problem causing mother in law. Or might as well be my mother in law. She is not legally. 
Thinking and Pondering on whether or not I should write a letter to someone who needs to hear a few things. I do not know if it would make it worse or better or just be ignored. I guess it is worth a try. 
On my bedside table is my pepsi, the only one of the day. 
On my t.v. this week is nothing really I guess. Eric(my s/o) always has control over the t.v. so its always Big Bang Theory on every night at 6. After that its left up in the air. I know last night he watched Halt and Catch Fire. I think Wednesday is Duck Dynasty. I am also busy with my son in therapy until around 7:30 every night. Not much t.v. watching for me. 
I am listening to my kids friend. He has been here since Saturday and I do not think the boy shuts up...Ever!
On the menu for this week, hamburger and chicken. What goes along with we are yet to figure that one out. 
On my to do list..I have an appointment Friday, clean house, laundry..The normal I guess. I need to find a project to work on. Maybe concentrate on my blog and stuff like I said I would do a couple of weeks ago and have failed. 
Happening this week is an ultrasound of the baby Friday to make sure everything is on track. I will be a little over 6 weeks. I am hoping for good news.
I am creating nothing so far besides a life.
Looking around the house I see boys on the x-box..Thats it. My dogs are hiding in the bedroom with me lol. Got to love my girls. The only ones in the house besides myself.
From the camera these are taken over the weekend. My baby boy loves the swimming pool. 

How did ya'll bring in the summer?

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  1. Congratulations on your precious cargo! Adorable pool pictures of your little boy, what a great way to start the summer! We've been having lots of picnics in the park/beach to start ours off, but then in the UK anything over 70F is a heatwave!!

  2. Congratulations, how exciting :)

    Such cute pictures, there really is nothing like summer time. Have a wonderful week and good luck with the ultrasound.

  3. Cute photos, looks like lots of fun! We weren't able to get in the pool this past weekend but we did bring in the summer with playing at the park. Congrats on the future bundle of joy!

  4. What a cute face in that 1st image.


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